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Making things cheaper in the market?

I've gone through the marketplace and it doesn't make sense how high some clothes, paintings, etc are, many mixers won't be able to afford them at all, even with haggling, so to reduce the bloat on artistry related things, perhaps the price should be drastically reduced by sixty percent or so?
I think the point is that you're supposed to use your trading skill to haggle them down.
Yes but haggling is limited to a certain point, even if you haggle, some clothes are priced at 50k or so, at best you can get is like 20k or so.
But.... Those player created material and canvas items have their value determined by the skill and stats of the creator. It's priced that way for a reason. That's what the PLAYERS should be SELLING their clothing and art for, but instead they're ridiculously cheap and cause this huge influx of clothing that goes unused once it hits the market.

>.> Not the solution I am looking for, but thanks.

Is the issue that the clothes in the backlog are taking up server space? Maybe just after a while the clothes in that stall get deleted from the game? Or, maybe better, if something sits in the market for ages and ages, the price starts to drop?
I've proposed turning off the ability sell clothes to the market for a predetermined amount of time, and reducing the load of clothes slowly over time by reviewing them and destroying the junk.

900 objects would surely take a lot of time to sort through, but it should be done, and until we're happy with the amount of clothes going unused then we can turn the markets back on, and probably reduce how much they're willing to purchase material and canvas items for.

No idea what we're actually going to end up doing though.

Probably not an easy solution to implement. But if the quality and integrity of clothes degraded over time and/or degraded by spending time in the markets (because moths and other crap conditions) that would lead to IC cheaper prices at lower integrity/quality (hence more chance of buyers) and when it finally reaches a 0 value they could destroy themselves through wear and tear.

Degrade integrity/quality clothes then could later be fixed by tailors at a modicum amount.

This could also lead to cheaper clothes being available for immies, I think it's fantastic.
Ya'll can buy cheap clothes for 5 chyen already. o_o
I meant cheap(er) clothes that fall between 5 and 50k!
So, I have kind of a crazy idea, it might be totally far-fetched.

1. Disallow sale of player-made clothing and art to the markets.

2. Open Ashlin Pawn as a consignment shop where players can sell player-made clothing and art and specify the price. It would be like C&C where everyone in the system has a number.

3. If no one buys the item after 2 weeks, it gets removed from the game and the seller gets a tiny token payout. This would incentivize the seller to price fairly aggressively.

Doing something like that might help players self-select the custom clothes that should stay in the game (because they're worth something to someone) and would give robbed people a chance to easily find and buy their threads back. Having the numeric tracking system like C&C might help people figure out who is selling their stuff.

As for this bypassing regular fixers, my own feeling is that it won't; people will still take player-made clothing to fixers for the guaranteed payout (if anyone is interested) and will turn to the consignment situation afterwards as a kind of last resort. Because you won't be able to sell player made clothing at the markets, it will all eventually get funneled to the consignment shop (unused stuff) and deleted if it's not sold.

That sounds like a hell of a lot of coding for the admins, but its an amazing idea. players would have to be able to preview the items though, making it a hell of alot harder

1. We may consider disallowing player-made clothing at the markets. Or at least limiting it. It's up for discussion among the admin.

2. We won't be doing that for Ashlin Pawn. But, the good news is that there are already player run businesses that do something similar to what you described. And there is plenty of opportunity for a player to open a new business, doing exactly what you described, should they so desire.

-- S

Artistry is already like the easiest and one of the best ways to make money, but it creates interaction so that's cool. Marketing art and clothing just seems like gaming the system in a way that doesn't involve other players. IMO it should be totally disallowed as it just lets you mill money out of nowhere forever.
@Vera: Selling your own art and clothing to the market in an exploitive way (eg, making clothes and then going and selling them in the market) already is disallowed. If it wasn't, people could just print chyen.

The way those clothes end up in the market is that person A ganks person B, then goes and sells their shit (or has someone else do it), or person A robs person B, or maybe person B just decides they need cash more than the coat they're wearing.

Most things that end up in the market end up there because someone got hurt along the way, or because someone is in desperate need of chy.

@Slither: I getcha, I was just thinking of ways to destroy the items from the game to reduce bloat while putting the selection process for what stays in the hands of players, so that staff doesn't need to review anything.