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For all the lady-chars out there

It's of no great importance, but I think it would add just a little bit of realism to the mix if there was someplace to get makeup. Sure, most female characters down on red are gung-ho tough girls and have no real need for it, but during some RP today I encountered someone whose character should never really be without a stick of lipstick or eyeshadow on hand. And all those ambient streetwalkers out there gotta have someplace to get makeup from, and lots of it!
Heh....and am I the only lady out there who thought the insta-makeup thing from Fifth Element was -sweet-?
Right, well...can I get a vote in the thread? Do you think it would be beneficial or necessary enough for RP to merit some consideration?
I did like the instant make up thing. Maybe when they finish with the pharmacy in the Mallplex they can sell some there and Jimmy's could too. The cheaper, red versions rather than designer make-up kits like you'd get on Green.

This is prompting me to ask, can women even pee yet? Last time I tried in either the Drome or Carnal it told me I didn't have the right equipment.

Roleplay it. Thing like that don't need to be objects. No one's going to mind if you just pose or emote getting a lipstick out of your pocket and touching up your makeup.


Whoa there. We all know Moss could have used a little coded make-up, instead of that imaginary compact set he carried around and posed with.


Hahahaha *laughs and points*

Yeah you can pose it. You can pose lots of things. But there are also many things in the game that are possibly unneccessary objects that exist anyway. Pretty much the entire stock at the flower shop comes to mind.

If we've got 5000chyen a pot tulips and Polly Parrots, I don't see that its unreasonable to have instant make up kits. You could spray it on with an atomiser or something.

flowers and polly parrots and stuff do other things. They're novelties.

Make up kits and stuff is kinda pointless...

Moss' makeup was always flawless, so there. :P

Yes...I can see Moss needing to re-apply after a busy day of maiming. ;)
Maiming? Did he maim? I thought he just killed.
He was a total marshmallow. He did none of the above

except for re-apply his makeup from time to time.


Ohh yeah, Moss was such a pimp, I mean who looked better in makeup then Moss.


*looks at Lucien*

Here.. I'll do it for everyone..

>>SMACK!!<< Be quiet, Lucien!

There ya go.

Don't get stoned and read the BgBB, Lucien.. Just... Don't.

Yeah, but if he didn't read it while stoned he'd never really read it would he?
She does have a valid point there Desolate.
I guess he could read while rolling, finish while lighting...make use of all of your time!
Guess what, 100% sober and reading the boards, so there...

*sticks out his tongue and goes back to reading the boards.*

          I'm in heaven...
                      and the cares that hung around me    through the week
seem to vanish
          like a gambler's lucky streak....
when we're
       out together
                     cheek to cheek.....


Maybe Lena needs to take that advice too...

If I knew where that came from it would be good

oh, uh...
sorry. Figured while this thread was going down the drain I might as well add my own bit of spaced-out-ness

I'm trying to write a biology lab at midnight while listening to Louie Armstrong on loop....howz that for CP music?


*twirls off in a daze*

Guess what man, Lena's player don't do any drugs, smoke or drink, she's the picture of innocence:wink:, sorta... I think.
*takes a not-so-graceful bow*

I would never survive the streets of withmore IRL.
I am fluffy-bunny embodied...somebody save me!

hmm. What to do what to do...
              I know...
                       everybody tickle Lucien!!!!

You know, I would, but now I have to dodge ticklers so I might not be able to.:biggrin:
Quote: from Lena on 12:47 am on Oct. 28, 2002[br]

I'm trying to write a biology lab at midnight while listening to Louie Armstrong on loop....howz that for CP music?

Hey, it's more CP than Chris DeBurgh.

Just think about it.

I don't know, that 'Lady in Red' sure looked stylish. Remember its all about the style!
Quote: from Tash on 11:31 am on Oct. 28, 2002[br]I don't know, that 'Lady in Red' sure looked stylish. Remember its all about the style!

You spend 40 straight hours working on a project in a 3d lab, with the only other person in there to looping Lady in Red and Spanish Train the ENTIRE TIME, then, get back to me.


You could wear headphones or do what little old ladies do and put cotton in your ears.

It still could have been worse, it could have been accordian polka music.

don't -evah- diss the polka music.

I have to agree with Bias.

Frankie Yankovic = Win.

At the risk of sounding out of some freakish loop, who's Frankie Yankovic?
*Molochai kick smacks Lucien right upside the head*

Think about the last name dumbass.  Why do you think Al is so obsessed with polka mixes.

*Molochai smacks Lucien again*

Ohhh yeahhhhh...

*puts the bowl down*Vera