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Make SICads cost 10x more
And put a shorter cap on duration

If the price of ads goes up then you end up losing a bunch of chy on the biz you were trying to advertise. Maybe they need to be policed or something if people have a problem with the silly ones though.
I'd settle for an IC job responsibility to GridWorks, WCS, or WJF-Ops to respectfully moderate submissions.
I think there's something about this icly that can be done, but I think it may require admin help. Know some characters are thinking about it. :P But yeah, I feel you. Mhm!
Rather than just up the cost I would much more love some IC ways to counter the ads.
I think the corps happily taking your money to run ads drekking on your input or spreading disinformation or w/e is pretty themely no matter how obnoxious it is.

They'd probably scrub anything anti-corporate pretty quick though.

Pricing it is hard. Some of the things that get advertised often don't even break even, most of the time, and are just to sort of...literally keep yourself in people's heads, idk. i guess that's built into the cost analysis in balancing it.

I agree more IC ways to 'counter' ads would be really cool. SIC hacking in many flavors has come up dozens of times and would be insanely interesting, and afaik is somewhere on The List..... *daydreams*

The current costs are fine.

Limiting the duration would go a long way towards mitigating the perceived abuse.

The downside to limited duration is that the admins would have to script some sort of auto-renew for ads that they want to be "permanent" or "long running".

Or maybe it could work like other systems in the game where a code is required for durations greater than X.

I just think the city letting homeless people put up bad grammar ads about baby mama drama is kinda stupid.
The city lets people air it for free on sic, why wouldn't they happily take their money to run it two to three times a day?
If see you an anti-thematic ad goes up that doesn't really make sense to you, fire an xhelp over.

The city wants your flash and if you want to spend that flash putting drama on SIC, thats up to you. The city will then also get the Judges on you for threats and other such crimes if your ad is committing those crimes. Beware what you advertise!

Keep SICADS as is.

Open up tv commercials for production level baby mama drama too

From a theme perspective, I think the ads, annoying as they may be, are appropriate. It's a part of the "themely treasure" that is SIC, no matter how headache-inducing they may be.

From a cost perspective, it's probably fine but adjustments that would happen should probably be IC anyway and not raised by a game mechanic. I could see a nice mini-plot start over this, so I'd leave it alone and let the characters work it out.

It's super annoying when every other ad is some vicious slander campaign against Joebaka Mixer who 99.999% of the dome doesn't know exists. People should stop acting like any significant proportion of the dome is going to know the rando mixer who dipped them outside The Orifice or care about the ad you took out against them. It only makes sense from a smallworld perspective and it's super immersion-breaking whenever I see it.

If making them cost more cuts down on that, I'm all for it. Otherwise people just need to stop being silly.


True, nobody knows who they are but it's humiliating.

Don't tell me how to spend my money.

Who cares if only a few people know who you're talking about?

Yeah, I've got to agree with Beepboop and Grizzly here. That kind of attitude reminds me of a comment in xooc from Curt5 a couple years ago about PCs who matter and those who don't.

Just because they don't matter to most of the city don't mean they don't matter to someone and that their situation doesn't matter to someone or a small group of people. Sic is full of shit thoughts and trolling. Those random ones don't seem any different. If you think they're unthemely send an xhelp like Dreamer said. And I'm not opposed to introducing a monitoring system like Reefer suggested that might offer a chance to find out who's posting them to the people that want to know. Through some work and RP, of course.

I mean, pubSIC conversations at their core basically only work because of a certain common acceptance of a certain kind of smallworlding the game just requires for it to function as a game, in certain areas. It should be no more immersion breaking than the who list only showing you what it does.

Slander and disinformation and humiliation, the ominous feeling when you see an ad about yourself and...genuinely have no idea who or why it's running. These are very themely and good things.

Upping the cost by like 2 or 3 factors won't really change anything. Upping it by 10x means no one runs ads anymore ever, including people legit just trying to advertise a service, except very occasionally for a corp event where the corp pays.

If you want to dump some paydata on the guy who fucked you over you can switch aliases and do that without cluttering the SIC with your character's personal feuds for the next six weeks. It'd probably be a lot more engaging too.

IIRC the current cost is basically zero. It should at least be expensive enough that a poor immy running crates isn't walking around with enough pocket change to beam his ads to the entire city indefinitely.

Agree to disagree.