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Make Progia-7s shittier
Mixer quality for a Mixer phone

Progia-7s should have terrible sound quality. Using them in crowded/loud rooms should make persons on both ends unable to hear each other well, good perception or no. Don't have this problem for the higher-end phones, and advertise them as having like, noise-cancelling and voice analysis.
This is the very best idea I've seen on the boards since joining.
I'd also like something like background ambient noise. Kinda hard to lie to your girlfriend about not being in a strip club if the music can be heard on the background, like a yell or a shot or a loud noise.
Kuzco wrote:

I'd also like something like background ambient noise. Kinda hard to lie to your girlfriend about not being in a strip club if the music can be heard on the background, like a yell or a shot or a loud noise.

I don't know about the ambient noise but I noticed that ambient noise does not filter through phones. However, loud noises already do go throughome to the listener.

Yells, shots, knocks on doors, those already can be heard on the other end of the phone.

I think someone talking though should get through. Sometimes you're on the phone and you can hear some things that are happening on the other end. Somebody else talking. I think it would be interesting and develop some RP if someone ( Joe )is talking to Character A (Bill) and the person on the other end of Bill's call makes out some of it, like what happens when you overhear a whisper.

Bill is talking to Peter on the phone and knocks on Joe's door. Peter hears the knock.

Peter then hears muffled voices and hears something unintelligible.

Peter then hears something unintelligible.

Peter hears, "..d .he. .he ...t .. th. .MB w..h .h. pi.p b...."


Or maybe someone with heightened hearing could focus and get part of the other side if theyes are nearby and focus? They'd have to have one or two other modules though.

Hmm. It would technically be possible to use the ambient population of a room (which is already something we factor into if you hear people in the room you aren't watching or being addressed by, into this.

Does this promote RP though? Does it detract from it? You'd have to go somewhere quiet to talk on the phone. I am on the fence.

People would have to buy expensive phones to be able to talk in crowded rooms, making them targets for mugging RP and the like.

People using shitty phones would have to go to quiet areas to talk, putting them at risk for getting mugged, too.

Noise bleeding from in-room conversations would be cool too. As well as combat making noises beyond just gunshots.
`I am with Metekillot on this and think this is a great idea.

It's themely and re-enforces the mixer/topsider divide, who is big in the mix and who is nobody topside.

I guess my concern is that we would be making it harder for new characters to effectively interact with each other. Nothing saying we can't give it a shot and then get feedback though.
I think as long as it's measured it should be fine.

New new players are not buying phones anyways, they are using SIC and figuring out that SIC has its own limitations.

And really the same limitation argument could be made re: the levs. The levs limit expedient player movement and for which the rich(er) can afford an alternative.

I'd love to see phones get a downgrade in Red. Maybe it could be dependent on where the call is coming from/going to? Maybe the prog-7's just cant handle all the waves of chatter from level upon level of interference? I mean...there's forty million crammed into Red right? Even just that seems like a recipe for disaster. It would be hilarious to suddenly pick up somebody else's phone the line just switches and you're talking to somebody (or some people) you never met mid-conversation and your call is dropped because there's just no way you can fork out the extra flash for a better phone.
Routing calls is not something that has anything to do with the phone. Phone systems handle all that. They might reprioritize calls coming from progia-7s, deeming them as less important people, but they wouldn't route them wrong.

Dropping calls I think would just be ICly frustrating. However, I don't think the idea of adding interference would be altogether bad.

Dropped calls would be annoying, but ambient crowd/music noise in clubs, bars, and busy streets would be neat for atmosphere or accidentally revealing your location.
+1. Love this idea.
I do like this idea. It makes a lot of sense, and the points about shitty phones pushing people to private areas and nice phones being needed for crowded areas could definitely add some good RP scenarios.