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Make Pain More Painful
Half dead? Not a problem.

I suggest we have a much bigger downside to getting injured. After losing a fight and literally clinging to life, you should have massive temporary debuffs. I've experienced people getting beaten up and still dodge grapples and such, which doesn't really make sense. Currently even after getting the absolute shit beaten out of you the stats aren't affected that much.
Having the energy to defend yourself while barely clinging to life requires a significant UE investment or use of stims. Most people flail uselessly and cannot even pick up a pill packet nor eat a pill, let alone dodge.
What @batko said

There are major debuffs from getting beat up. Check your @stats sometime.

There are huge debuffs, my character got really messed up for like a whole day or two one time.
That's weird... I've never had a large debuff before after getting beaten down. Might just be me, though.
Sindome players should be required to wear electrodes that directly shock them whenever red text appear.
As Batko said, it's related to your stats.

Somewhat related, but what I really would like to see are injuries. Make medics work for their flash. Broken bones that require setting/splints and longer rest periods. Internal injuries that require surgery (and high skill to do it), different tiers of bleeding (bleeding is way too simple to take care of right now) and finally, dismemberment, because dismemberment is cool and we need more cyberlimbs.

It's really boring to just have medics who go 'heal x' 5 times and walk off. Yes, they can just RP the injuries out, but it'd be nice if the game helped.


This is an interesting idea and would definitely help draw a hard line between amateur and pro medics. There ARE uses for a higher medical skill of course (I am not sure if I can say them there because of rules), but in some cases an amateur an do just as good of a job as a pro if you throw enough supplies at them.

My only concern would be how it'd fit in with the current economy. An immy getting a random crit by Super Badass Solo Joe Baka's customized Baka-Killer9000 that completely vaporizes his arm (just because he talked trash to the random person on SIC) is now faced with a massively expensive prosthetic that he might not even be able to use because of PDS.

Part of me likes to keep serious dismemberment RP-based instead of random chance, because of how crippling (literally) it can be to your RP.

Apologies for the double-post in advance.

Also I agree about bleeding being too trivial to treat. It might be my limited perspective because I can't see other people's sheets, of course, but it feels like basically anyone can stop themselves from bleeding out, even when they are near death and should be barely able to lift their arms to reach into their inventory.

It's an interesting discussion. But in my opinion, I'd never hire super badass solo to go after an immie, seems like a waste of money/time and just unfun for everyone. I'd much rather pay less and hire a couple of other immies or lower end characters to go rough 'em up, so there's more back and forth and opportunities for everyone. Or if I did hire a much tougher character, I'd tell them to not go overboard.

Now, if that immie pissed someone off enough to get their arm blown off or whatever, then he's fair game and should deal with the repercussions of potentially RPing being one-armed until he can get it fixed. Players using their judgement is the balance here. You don't go cutting off limbs or murdering people because they called you a baka on SIC, generally, and AFAIK, staff already try to step in if a player is being repeatedly 'farmed' with no RP or development.

I've been trying to come up with ways that would encourage more RP for medics, but all of my suggestions actually reduce the amount of RP for medics.

I think, perhaps, if there were, say, a brief recovery time after healing that requires you to remain still or risk tearing open sutured wounds, that may make pain more meaningful + give docs some more RP time?