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Make dot after " not ruin Pose

This is a thing that drives me better. I often like to end a sentence after speaking in my poses, and as result, inevitably, my brain will put a dot there. And that's a problem, because if you will do:

.do something and .yell "Aruuuga".

Then the dot after quotemark is going to invalidate the quotemark, making the pose come out as:

XYZ does something and yells Aruuuga.

Instead of expected:

XYZ does something and yells "Aruuuga".

It's driving me completely nuts, and I just can't seem to be able to kills that habit. Is that something that could be fixed in the pose code, pretty please?

So THAT'S what's been killing my poses!
Putting the period inside the quotes would be correct American english syntax and would presumably solve the problem :P
Queen won't let me.
As Crook said, the period goes inside the quotes.
While I appreciate that this is the norm for US, can we make it not crash the entire pose for those who are not from across the pond? This is not matter of being petty but, well, if you put the quote outside all your life, you won't suddenly stop, it's a reflex. And one that makes me have to re-post a silly amount of emotes.
Why don't we have the webclient autotranslate every single language to your preferred like SIC does.
That isn't helpful, Seir.


I understand it's a QoL issue for you, but don't you think it'd be more efficient and a better use of coder time for you to learn how put the period inside the quotation mark rather than ask the system been reworked?

Well, let's flip it around and you try to put it outside, after a whole life of putting it inside, tell me how that goes for you. Getting rid of life-long habits is not easy, so can we just, well, cater to that?
People in game regularly type with heavy accents or switch from US to Queen's English spelling and back and forth. It goes alright for a lot of us with some patience and becoming familiar.

I don't think it's unfair to ask you keep trying for a while to see if you're able to teach yourself to put the period inside rather than ask for a change to the code.

I did, for three months, and just not gonna happen, and I am not the only one. I mean, I get if there is technical issue that prevents it, fair enough. But otherwise... What goes does that bring?
Yeah, grammar isn't something I pretend to really know anything about. I've just read a LOT of novels and wing it. But is it not also correct to have a period at the end of the sentence containing the speech also?

Dude does some stuff, saying "Other stuff.".

I am from across the pond, UK.

I have no problem with using a little brainpower to change where I put the period to enable the pose to execute and display correctly.

I also have no problem with quickly pressing the up arrow and removing a period if I accidentally put one at the end of a pose.

It's not a difficult concept to grasp. Much like anything else, it's something you'll have to learn over time if it really is that much of an issue for you.

It's also something you should have taught yourself when learning to pose, you shouldn't put a period at the end of the sentence. Only use them before verbs and at the end of spoken sentences.

Playing around with .poses, I've noticed some other things that break them, too.

(Minor aside: The inconsistency of remembering not to put a quote at the end of " and DO put one at the end of . is my main breaker and I've seen other people screw this up too.)

I am glad that it works so well for you Mench that, despite being able to do it, you still have to go back and correct the poses. Clearly it is absolutely 100% non-issue for you.

And again my question stands: what's the downside of allowing those dots to not ruin poses? I see lots of upsides, main one is the reduced amount of re-posts in scenes, but I struggle to find a single downside.

Let's repeat what @crashdown posted earlier: "I understand it's a QoL issue for you, but don't you think it'd be more efficient and a better use of coder time for you to learn how put the period inside the quotation mark rather than ask the system been reworked?"
Changing pose code is no easy feat and we coders can't always reasonably accommodate all desired use cases without compromising other things.
How do you know how long it takes for the staff to fix it? Can be easy, can be hard, I don't know. And probably neither do other players. Which is kinda maybe we should stick to arguing the merit of changes, not speculate on dev priorities/effort and let them decide?

For you, it may be a non-issue, for quite a few players (I know 6 others 1st hand) for whom it is pretty notable. And no, it's not something easy to unlearn. It may be easy to say that it's easy to unlearn, but life-long habits don't fade away easily.

Oh, sorry Johnny, you posted as I was typing it up. That's fair enough if it would be problematic to implement.
There are few weird things with pose, but the code is very complicated and difficult to change. It breaks easily. There is more info on the issues with pose and how to work around them as well as our reasoning for not making changes to it in the I'm/I am thread.