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Make disguises harder to distinguish.
Limit colors, damage and repair

Turns out Crooknose partially beat me to this over in the "Consequences" thread. Read that one for why this @idea is coming up.


- Immediately, reset all ponchos and hoodies to the same color, or *at least* remove color from the item's name so that the extra effort of "look poncho on JoeBelle" would be required to tell.

- Consider exempting ponchos and hoodies from damage, or *at least* from having damage perceived just when looking at the wearer. Maybe require "look poncho on JillBob" should be required before the damage and repairs can be seen.

These points would remove smallworlding and force duisguise see-through to depend on actual effort to carefully look for and spot clues.

I'd like to clear one thing up...

I believe hoodies, shrouds, and ponchos are low-end disguise items and (from what I can tell) purposefully do NOT guarantee that you can get away undetected.

If you direly need to go undetected, buy higher-end disguise items. (Yes I know they're kind of buggy/meta right now and that needs to be addressed.)

Cheap disguise items are overpowered for what they allow with minimal UE investment.

There's already a mechanic to allow their colour to be changed.

In the context of disguise meta being allowed, they're not overpowered. What's overpowered is combat archetypes who are already miles above everyone else getting thrown another bone after having basically caused the problem that appear is meant to solve.

Combat characters: constantly killing shrouds.

GMs: understandably annoyed by constant arbitration of meta accusations.

Combat characters: given free reign to kill whoever they want and deal with any potential fallout IC.

Look I'm not saying every combat character was guilty of this but it seems like the non-combat portion of the playerbase is taking a hit here because they felt like already vastly OP combat characters killing them was meta.

What actually counts as meta also seems to swing wildly based on who's involved and who's examining it. My character was once murdered while hooded by a former staff member's character in the most small wordly way imaginable and with no recourse. A lot of meta happened in the before-times, it wasn't just like, hollow accusation. The class of people benefitting most from this change are arguably the ones who caused it's necessity.

Imo appear has also just sort of made disguising even more OP. Being able to appear as another gender whilst typically only appearing as one gender can highly confuse people as to who did it.
Appear wasn't meant to quote "solve this problem" un quote.

Appear is one new parameter in combination with the many other things that go into making an OOCly effective disguise.

You still have to make your disguise OOCly effective. Period.

I don't know what leads you to believe that these disguise items are lower end when for so long they were the only disguise items. Wearing anything BUT these items will make you stand out more than ever. The idea that these items are cheap so they shouldn't functionally be altered to prevent meta is ridiculous when they are most certainly a high commodity and NOT cheap considering all the NPCs also wear them. I agree with beandip and I also propose that if they aren't altered to not show damage and repairs then NPCs should spawn with damaged or repaired disguises and hooded NPCs should be wearing clothing other than the hood.
This isn't a thread about the appear command either, it is about the functionality of pre-existing disguises and how to improve upon them to fall in line with the new rules regarding meta.
I think coloration is fine with curtent mechanics, but NPCs should absolutely spawn with damaged or repaired shrouds.

I feel like Appear fixes almost everything, the one thing that people now latch onto is the repair state of the shroud, and nothing else.

I agree with Stiza. NPCs should spawn with slightly ruined disguises, I mean, the game already clones poncho color, having them wearing patches and that would be a nice fix on the grounds of how many people go 'this shroud has a silk patch! It must be X!'.
I think hooded NPCS also need clothing. It's super easy to tell whether they're an NPC or not by checking whether they have pants on or not...
Please give the tokens damaged shrouds.

Also random depot bottoms and shoes for hooded tokens.

It also be cool to scrape @hand nakeds from recently permed characters for hooded tokens.

Or give gloves to hooded NPCs.
Bumping this to ask that NPCs who wear hoodies be generated with depot shoes and depot pants/skirt. Gloves would also be nice.

Being able to instantly see that a hoodie-wearer is an NPC because they don't have other clothes or nakeds is meta, and devalues the hoodie as a disguise.

It might be good to create depot gloves for this purpose.
Since I can't edit a post, I'll add that it'd be good for variety to generate NPCs with other Mix-appropriate disguises besides shrouds and hoodies, such as balaclava masks without other disguises.

It seems wrong to me that wearing a mask should mark you out as a PC. Many people would be wearing these in a place like the Mix, especially when it is cold out. Masked NPCs should also get depot clothing to avoid meta.