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Make @default-weapon keep it as default

Right now even with @default-weapon set, and holding it in your hand, when you pick up any item, you get a system notice that this slice of pizza you just picked is now your weapon. That obviously is not the desired effect, as if someone jumps me now, I am pretty sure I want to whack them with a sword, not slice of pizza. So can we make it so that if you are wielding your @default-weapon, it won't switch to a picked item?
If you set your efault weapon, if you pick up a slice of pizza and you are attacked, if you set it properly you should automatically hold the weapon you set and use it anyway.

I don't understand what you want to do.

I didn't even know this command existed.

but yes, just make sure it isn't in a holster or a scabbard or whatever

as long as it is in your ACTUAL inventory you will automatically use that weapon

That is not what the message says:

1. @default-weapon is bokken

wooden bokken is now your default weapon.

2. Hold bokken

[OOC: You're now using wooden bokken as your weapon. @options weapon]

3. Hold slice

[OOC: You're now using slice of pepperoni pizza as your weapon. @options weapon]

4. Stash slice

[OOC: You're now using wooden bokken as your weapon. @options weapon]

And that's just nonsensical. I want my bokken to be my weapon, not pizza.

There is a reason why the latest item you hold is the weapon you use. That's just the code. It's a balance thing and this would only come to play if you attack someone first, in which case just put your slice of pizza away and then actually attack the person.

And hence this suggestion to make it less stupid. If you had that bokken in inventory, it will be auto-drawn to defend you, but if you have it in hand and ready, you will now attack with pizza. It's Chewbacca living on Endor all over again, makes no sense.
And I'm saying there's a reason why the last item you hold is the main weapon you use. If you are ready to fight then don't pick up a pizza right before you're supposed to fight?

I'll give you an example on why it's coded like this.

I have my gun in my hand and I'm going to fight.

I take out my vee to take it.

I start taking my vee.

I get jumped while I'm taking it and because I'm trying to take my vee, it's a disadvantage and my enemy potentially gets an attack on me while I miss.

Do you see why now?

The reason it's there is because even if you are attacked or are attacking it'd remove the entire advantage of catching someone unprepared in the middle of taking drugs or eating pizza.
That should be done because taking V takes X rounds of combat though, not because you suddenly went brain-dead and try to smack someone over the head with it instead of shooting them with a gun. This actually gives me an idea for nice meta place, give people slices of pizza and then attack them.
I've been attacked before while eating a slice of pizza and due to the element of surprise they got a round over me, because sometimes even if you take out your weapon in time and hold it or stash what you have in your hand it'll spend the round.

And that's actually against the rules and meta to do it, giving people things before/during combat to exploit it.

Sure, is it realistic that I'd just shoot someone instead of trying to whack them with a pizza? Yeah.

But then everyone would just be holding their weapons in hands all the time while talking on the phone/eating/drinking to ensure if they got attacked or they were looking to attack someone themselves they can just do it without having to put away their phone first.

Gotta agree with Ranger here. If I'm leaning against a countertop eating a fat slice of pizza and some dude starts hitting me with a stick, the first thing I'm propably going to do is throw the only thing in my hand at him. The pizza. Is it a viable weapon? No, but I'm panicked so he's getting the pizza to the face while I stumble around for my real weapon.
Is (of course there is) a reason why the default weapon doesn't apply to holstered/sheathed weapons? Is it code related or? Right now I feel like my PC has to choose between using the default weapon command or putting it away. Is that the intention? Or am I just doing it wrong?
The downside of having it in inventory over sling is that it can be stolen, the upside is auto-draw from @default-weapon.
I'm not sure what you mean by the second part but I am fairly sure the sling part is due to code.

I believe default weapon just searches for the weapon in your inventory and auto holds it whenever you are attacked. If it is in a holster/sheath, then the weapon isn't in your inventory, the sheath is in your inventory (as some sort of container) and the weapon is in the sheath.

Think of it as chy in a wallet and how count doesn't work if your chy is in your wallet.

I might be wrong, however, but that is my guess.

@rangerkrauser That's what I figured, but it also kinda confuses me (other than perhaps as a balance choice, or code obstacle) that I can't set it to grab the weapon I have in the weapon holder I'm wearing. The second part is what Marleen said, I was trying to be too obtuse about IC info.
Well, I'm not sure myself whether it's code or balance but if you want to use a holster, just macro it.
For some reason I wanted to avoid macros with Sindome, but I have one for that.
I'm not sure if anyone said this yet, I semi-skimmed, but the issue is dual wielding, right? It's not that the pizza is now your only weapon, it's just that you're holding it, so the bokken and the pizza are both your weapons, as with any other item in the game.

If you're attacked and you're holding pizza, stash your pizza. Or drop it. That's just how combat works. If you're attacked while you're on the phone, you'll attack with your phone until you get a new weapon out.

I don't think this used to happen and it is annoying.
Ranger made a comment about it being "meta / OOC" to give someone something before attacking them.

Can we talk about that?

I have seen that exact thing happen IRL. It's also a common gag in movies where the protagonist will throw something to their opponent and say, "Here, catch!" or point "Hey, look over there!" to get that split second advantage to get the first hit in.

If you actually ICly roleplay giving your worst enemy a slice of pizza then attacking them it's not meta.

But if you are both about to attack each other, and right before you type attack you give them a slice of pizza and then attack them, or during combat you just repeadetly spam giving them slices of pizza, then it's against the rules.

Because you're moving around during combat. You're not stopping and going "hey, wait, let me give you this slice of pizza".

And by ICly roleplay I mean inviting them over, offering them pizza and such. Not

.give Joe pizza

give pizza to Joe

attack Joe

...seems legit. 😅

Well that didn't work. Ignore me.
Would the issue be mitigated if characters had to HOLD objects before GIVING them to each other? I am thinking like how THROW works. If you try to throw something from your inventory, it tells you that you need to HOLD it first.

I'm asking because I am trying to understand the nuances here and why it's a problem.

My assumption is it is a problem is because you can GIVE something straight from your inventory. Therefore GIVE does not tie up a hand for the person doing the giving. Where as being given something does tie up a hand. So handing objects to someone gives the person doing the handing an unfair advantage.

It's a problem because it's meta. You mentioned that you've seen this done IRL. Or in movies.

A game is about balance. If you put something in someone's hand right before or in the middle of combat spam, you're taking advantage of the game's output to hope they miss it. Something they're literally holding and attacking with at least once or twice.

If someone puts something in my hand in real life, I feel it. I know it's there. I know to drop it before I do something with that hand if it's going to interfere. If someone throws something at me to distract me, it distracts me. It doesn't make me take that object, like a slice of pizza, and start trying to hit them with the pizza instead of any training I might have in hand-to-hand, for example. Our characters are not afforded the same basic common sense and reaction in this time because it's often going to be lost in the spam. This doesn't even account for people who are using screen readers.

Combat is hectic and there's lots of ways to make it even moreso. There's no reason to cheese it by doing that kind of stuff.

My kinda unspoken point was that if I pick pizza first, and then boken - I can much on it and bokken will be my primary. If i pick za after bokken, not so much. It's quite a bit of meta around that, gotta remember the order etc, so I would rather just focus on stats/character settings, than making sure you keep the bokken "on top".
Solo: *Strides into the room, flashing around a smug smirk* Yeah, just went out for a stroll, bagged that 40 kay bounty. Too easy, not even a scratch on me.

Chummer: *Points a finger at Solo's head* You've got pizza in your hair dude.

Solo: What?

Chummer: Yeah, there's like tomato and cheese and... Is that a pineapple chunk?

Solo: *Slides their fingers through their hair, glancing about self-conciously* Yeah? Fuck... Just going to take a shower, back in a bit.

Just imagine that scene while you're vatting out and you'll be alright Marlene ;)

Alternatively, for now you've got auto-macros (unless they did get removed recently), so just use them, especially if you want a sling/sheath/holster for your weapon of choice.

If that doesn't apply to your situation, do think on the flip side, maybe someone wants to dual wield with two different weapons, it wouldn't work if they have a default weapon set because under your suggestion they would ignore the second weapon. I think :/

*Marlene, sorry.
I have zero ideas how that works with dual-wielding whatsoever. And i am not really strongly bothered by it, just would like this stuff to be... consistent?

As for auto-macro, Nah, I think having an auto-macro to draw a weapon from a sling is giving me a game advantage, so I don't do that.

The problem appears to be that this used to prioritize the weapon you were holding (if you had one) instead of the last thing you put in your hand. So you could, say, have a katana out, pull out some vee, and still try to block attacks with your katana while shooting up. Now you parry with your v-202 while holding a katana and doing nothing with it, which is silly.

It's probably an easy fix and would make everyone happier because combat is hectic enough without the unintuitive inventory juggling getting in the way.

Well, I want to see auto-macros gone, so I agree with the sentiment... but it's not giving you an advantage over anyone because it's open to all of us. Use the tools you're provided ;)
The problem Marleen is describing is clearly an accident and we would love for it to be fixed. Automacros would not work here. Please stop trying to bandwagon Marleen just because it's the popular thing to do right now, this is an annoying issue.
I think possibly the best solution here for Marlene might be a toggle-able 'favoured weapon skill' command.

E.g.: @favoured-weapon brawling/long blade/explosives/off

If you're holding a weapon that uses that skill it will override pizza and ignore it for you. For those of us that may sometimes dual-wield two very different weapons we can just toggle it off.

Or am I just talking crazy-talk again?

Err, if anything I said came a cross as attacking Marlene in my last posts I apologise, it wasn't meant that way Vera. You aren't likely to see me taking digs at people on the forums, but if I do it will be *extremely* clear that I am ;)
Just fix the bug where the game sees me holding a knife and a hamburger and assumes I mean to use the hamburger as my weapon. It didn't do that before dual wielding.

(Also delete dual wielding.)

I've actually been having this same issue and didn't realize until it was brought up in this thread. Yes please, since I don't get why my character would stop using their weapon to swing around something that makes no sense whatsoever.
I'm almost positive I've seen the hamburger problem pre- dual wielding. Holding a knife and a flashlight, manually switch weapon to the knife while still holding both, still swing your flashlight around like a baka.
Seems like a new problem to me, but even if it's not a simple check that favors the actual weapon you're holding to the hamburger would still fix it.

Otherwise you have to hold v-202, stash (or sheath) your sword, then take your sword back out, then shoot the vee. That can't be intentional.

Personally, I've never run into this issue in my 10+ years of SD but I methodically avoid holding weird shit in combat.

The command you folks are all looking for exists and is called "switchto".

"E.g.: @favoured-weapon brawling/long blade/explosives/off

If you're holding a weapon that uses that skill it will override pizza and ignore it for you. For those of us that may sometimes dual-wield two very different weapons we can just toggle it off."

Would that not literally give you exactly what you're asking for, but also leave others that might be inclined towards such strange activities the opportunity to slap people humiliatingly with a hamburger?

No idea how much work that would be to implement though :/

You can put your sword away if you want to use a hamburger. You are probably not in a life or death situation if this is important to you so I think it should be deprioritized for the sake of the characters who are engaging in lethal combat.
I'm literally giving the burger as an example, not a definitive list. I've personally dual-wielded two weapons I have reasonably different skill levels with for practical reasons though.

I'm not a combat-oldbie-pro or anything, but I think my reasoning for doing it was sound and I would have been hindered if I wasn't given the choice to do it. I'm not saying the idea's bad at all, just advocating for people to have a choice to use or not use it.

This is what I mean, Vera.

You don't need to have your weapon in hand if you're enjoying a drink at the bar or eating pizza/hamburger.

I'm literally talking about a food item being prioritized over a real actual weapon. Please stop derailing.
The right to defend oneself and own a firearm is the right of every citizen of Withmore

I don't agree with biolocked/corplocked weapons. Sounds like just extra mess and less risk for topsiders and even more reason to not fuck with corpies or kill them.


I've used switchto and still swung the wrong item at people. This was a long time ago though, I haven't tried since.


I had the EXACT situation that you described. Flashlight and weapon. System defaults to Flashlight.

I xhelped and was told that the solution is to drop the flashlight.

Given that, it seems like we almost need a secondary attribute on items. &isweapon &isnotweapon