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Locker rekey/terminate

One thing missing from a locker is that you cannot terminate/re-key it, just have to wait for it to expire until you can get a new one. It can be a bit annoying, and the limit of one per person makes little sense from IC point of view.

So I suggest adding an option to them to either be able to terminate the existing locker, which dumps out all the item you have had in it and offers no refund. Or an option to re-key a locker, which will generate new code for an existing locker, for 200 chy or something like that. Saving on having to unload/load back the items into the locker.

This way if need to you can share locker code, without having it compromised for the duration and then having to rent a new one.

The limit is there to prevent people from having unlimited completely protected storage which results in less rp, less robbing, and more bloat for the game.

The IC justification is that 65 million other people also want a locker and so supplies are limited.

The idea or being able to change your code or dump your locker out seems reasonable though. Comes with some issues of course... Someone gets your code and steals your locker and then you can't rent another until it expires. No way to reset it since it's just a code not tied to your sic so no way to really recover it at all.

People OK with that? Seems like a decent enough trade. I've never really needed to reset a locker so I don't have an opinion. I just don't give the code out.

I like it Slither.


+opportunity for chummers to mess with me

I primarily use shared locker to trade items with people I relatively trust (at that point in time) but who usually are on conflicting gaming schedule. Makes it hella easier.