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Limited Automated SICs for Bombs
You killed Timmy!

When a bomb goes off, queue 0 to X automated SIC messages about people getting injured or killed depending on how crowded the room is and 0 to X messages talking about how a bomb went off depending how crowded neighboring rooms are.

While it can make sense for characters to try and act like a bombing didn't phase them at all, it doesn't always make sense that all the ambients would remain silent. It also feels ready to commit s bombing as the collateral damage is frequently unmentioned.

Sadly, GMs are not always on to add this flavor and, even when they are, a system like this could take some of the load off and show the GMs do other things or add to the noise as they see fit.

I think this will make bombing more impactful in both ways. It might feel more satisfying to bomb things for dinner but it will also make bombings feel more grisly and questionable if we hear about how a child died or a dude lost his leg.

I was under the impression this was implemented some time ago. "Explosions Announced on SIC" on January 24th.
That's awesome. I missed that entirely. I'll have to watch for the messaging on SIC as I don't think I've actually seen much or any of this. Thanks!