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Labeling securetalk cards.
Please, let me organize!

The new securetalk adjustments are super great. I like the reprogramming command, cloning capability. It opens up a lot and makes securetalk viable and important, plus also encourages would-be eavesdroppers to do some naughty business.

But when you reprogram a card, no matter what, it says it's bene blanked out. Which after talking to Neon, is intended. Which is cool!

But that also makes it incredibly hard to keep track if you've got multiple securetalks.

So this post is just asking if we could add a label function to secure talks for people to be able to organize, like we can on e-memory modules and other stuff.

Thank you!

How about we have tiny stickers we can write on to act as labels, so we can label anything we want.
Implemented. Thanks for the suggestion!