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Job Board
Street Sam LF Bees, serious replies only

This was briefly touched on in Town Hall and the idea's interesting enough that I want to make sure it gets its space as an idea.

An IC job board that's hosted off the Grid would be -amazing.- The idea was to give something to point new players to jobs.

I'd like to expound a bit and say that just a straightup posting board for characters to put things up to would be amazing. It isn't as techy, but it's pretty streamlined and would fit right at home in the game's bars. It'd be a great way to source out jobs and other needs that's a bit free-form and allows for some creativity in what's posted up to throw out RP hooks.

I reintroduce my idea of digital posters that work like degradable and/or unpinnable art for higher end sectors and making it so you can also pin flyers to help with this idea Kiwi posted.
Something like this could be very cool. Maybe they're display-case-lite? Like a bar has one and the bartenders can all open it for things to be pinned in? Then you have room to bribe bartenders to pull them down, and stuff like that?
Discoverability on coded jobs is definitely an issue.

Immigration greeters only know what they're told about, and I know of at least a handful of jobs that have sat empty at times because no one knew they existed and there wasn't really any way to know to ask if they did. From what I've been told elsewhere there are coded jobs that have not been occupied in years, if ever.

I like the idea in general, and the idea of semi-throwaway digital posters is also pretty neat.

Just out of curiosity, why the emphasis on this off-the-Grid? We don't really need even less reason for people to engage with it than they already do.

My guess is so that it's one less hurdle for new players.

Your job could say "see gridpost for details" if you want to point people to the grid.

Is... is this not already what the 'Employment' board on the Grid is for?
This was actually the heart of my idea behind this:

I thought it'd be ace to just be able to pin job flyers to bars/clubs like one of those community/building/social club cork boards.

I think this would probably be broken down into a few separate thing...

1) A database of Job Titles, Job Descriptions, and Job skill requires.

2) Turnkey semi-automated job posting and apply from employment to grid and back again utilizing the employee terminal at any job.

3) A Mag-Lev Based Holo-Ad that advertises various jobs to people from the pool of open positions posted on the grid.

Simple, streamlined, and effect...also even more fun when a decker has a holo-ad constantly bothering some corpie about employment opportunities as a stripper in red.