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Just something I have been thinking about, not sure if it’s a good or bad idea, or if it’s been talked about before. But I think it would add another layer to post combat. I wanna hear opinions on this though, my ideas aren’t usually well thought out. My idea is infections, ex: after you are wounded, your wounds can get infected. This would be based on several factors, what kind of wounds they are, where you got them, how they were obtained ect. Stabs, gunshots, lacerations and such had higher chance of infections than small scrapes, and bruises had no chance for infection, (maybe replace it with swelling?)

Environments such as the sewers, or dirty areas could increase the odds of your wound being infected, as well as bites from animals as oppose to weapons, being covered in layers of filth while having open wounds is probably a lot worse than having some dust with a few open wounds. Endurance, and clean areas lower the risk of infections. My idea to thwart off infections are the antibody nanos, being healed by doctors, or disinfecting your own wounds with some kind of alcohol, the last one is cheapest, but still has a small risk of the wound being infected, the higher the user’s medical skill, the lower the chance. These infections would not be immediate, but my idea for the effects is, they slow down the rate at which your wounds heal, or lower your max hp until the infection is treated, or goes away on it’s own(endurance would play a role in how long/how badly the infection affected you) it doesn’t need to lower your max hp to half, but even leaving you at ‘slight discomfort’ or ‘slight pain’ depening on /what/ is infected. Get a laceration infected? That’s gonna suck real bad. Get a small cut infected? Ehh, it’ll suck and all that, but not nearly as much. The extreme of this is further reducing stats for those who have infections, if you have an infected cut on your foot, running isn’t gonna feel very good, sure you could do it, but depending again on what the wound is, you get varying degrees of penalized stats(These should not be anything major as that would promote cubing until you are over the infection). Treatment when you have an infection would be something along the lines of antibiotics(which could add to the chemistry job maybe?) Treatment from doctors, staying in sanitized areas, and rest, antibiotics being the fastest of course, and rest in a sanitized area being slower, but still effective. These negative affects don’t need to be so major people lock themselves away in their room until they are over the infection, but something to make them think twice about leaving that rat bite untreated after a wade through the sewers. Not sure if this is a good idea or not, just wanna hear some input. I don’t think bruises really get infected, so not sure how the balancing would go there, maybe add some kind of swelling or spraining?

Staff gets alerts when people are fighting or doing other things that might logically open them up to infection, and they do pay attention to where people go, what protective clothing they have on, and what state they're in. At their own discretion, they can elect to @infect anyone who they think should reasonably get sick with a given disease.

Disease can be pretty serious thanks to coded contagion effects and potential lethality. I think an automated system would be less than ideal because it would ping too many positives at times when it wasn't really dramatically appropriate. Say we have six or seven ganger characters running around fighting, some higher level characters using the sewers for stuff, the odd joygirl, and no active PC doctors around that week who are able to treat their inevitable outbreaks. At that point you just have to go make a puppet request and sit in your apartment hoping you don't die before the clinic's NPC can animate and treat you. Not really a lot of fun for anyone if you ask me.