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Inebriation Alert
Should we be alerted when we're drunk?

I find I'm changing my poses a lot when my character is drunk, but because I'm not typing '@stats' every sip, I always end up roleplaying my character drunk late. I often find out when I'm doing pose echoes. I know that your character doesn't necessarily know when they're drunk, and losing this would be one downside. On balance, I think the change would make my bar roleplaying better.

In a similar vein, I think pose echoes should read as if you're sober, because you shouldn't know which words are slurred. If this is at all tough to code, I'm fine with just feigning ignorance until I'm confident enough in my posing to turn off the echoes.

Yeah I still don't understand why this information is hidden from the player.
Honestly, I think something as simple as a message like "Your vision becomes slightly darker at the edges" or "You feel your tongue loosening" when you hit certain stages of drunkenness would be great.
I agree.. You are given warnings when you get to the point that you are about to pass out, why not some flavor text like 'you are feeling buzzed' or 'lights are starting to blur together'? It would help with accidentally 'no-selling' when you are neck deep in rp and can't be bothered with flooding your log with @stats.
As I understand it the reason why we don't do this is because the original coding was meant to model the idea that people seldom realize how drunk they are. So the design is that the player is largely left in the dark and code modifies your RP for you.

This way you can have a character slurring at their boss when they think they are fine or other drunken code antics. So in a way the game is translating your RP for you. You the player do things normal and code twists those things as needed.

Of course, it's not perfect and it's fine to supplement that code. You can even RP your PC as being drunk sooner than later. For example, have your PC drink two beers then start acting all buzzed - even if you don't see anything in @stats. If you keep drinking the code will add to your RP.

All just suggestions on how to work with the systems as they are. Not at all trying to suggest that ideas should not continue to be put forth and discussed. :-)

I guess that's the trade-off: Under the current system, we get the benefit of the player even OOCly not knowing their character is drunk and all of the interesting things that can happen, but we lose a lot of the physicality of being drunk, like swaying in your bar stool, becoming more touchy, etc. Perhaps I just haven't been around long enough to see the fun player lack of awareness of inebriation can cause.

I'd have a hard time adopting the two beer approach for my character though because their tolerance is different from mine. I've been relying on @stats to tell me when my character should start looking drunk.

Let me put it another way. Don't worry about @stats telling you you're drunk too much. Check in now and then so you can get a feel for your character's tolerance but don't slave over it.

Instead just have your character act drunk whenever you feel they've consumed a decent amount. Don't worry about timing it perfectly (that will get better over time), just do it when it feels right and the code will kick in when it kicks in.