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Increase fuel capacity
Remove a chore, add an RP outlet

Currently, vehicle fuel capacities are...low. This de-emphasizes the usefulness of a lot of vehicles, and severly hamstrings upgrade options, leading to less work for mechanics of all skill level.

This also creates a situation where someone will reasonably fill up their vehicle before or after every use, which may be a balance mechanic to limit the use of veghicles, but ends up creating instead a situation where entry level mechanics do not get roadside assistance calls that could lead to very interesting RP (such as selling out the location of a vulnerable character, or just making connections and establishing ones self).

I believe the best solution for this is looking at every vehicle and not only giving it enough fuel to reasonably go a week of regular (but not necessarily extensive) use between fill-ups, but also to differentiate fuel capacities more distinctly between different chassis within the same name, to add tangible value to the larger badge numbers.

Again with this topic? We've been over this. Stop driving around at top speed expecting great mileage!

I do not drive around at top speed expecting great mileable, but it would be nice if a tube journey could be complete in both directions at top speed without being dangerously low on fuel at the end.

That's exactly where I want it. :)
Not all vehicles have the same fuel capacity.

More expensive vehicles have higher fuel capacity.

Villa, that's not entirely true. The Katana 250 and 600 have identical fuel capacity.
In my experience the statement "you can only do one sector round trip before you run out of fuel" is inaccurate, if you're talking about these specific vehicles. Unless you are going anywhere faster touring speed. You can think of touring as day to day commuting, cruising as if you were going down the highway, and racing as if you were running away from the cops. In day to day situations you wouldn't use these speeds.
Okay, bumping this now, because with the new heat mechanic, 'fuel' does not feel as necessary to balance as it was before. I would very much like to see the '600' class bikes made distinct from the '250' class with increased fuel capacity to support the larger thirstier motors.
The numbers are just the CC's. If you buy a motorcycle IRL, just because you get the larger CC doesn't mean you're going to get a larger tank. Maybe a fuel tank part though? Idk.
The numbers are NOT the CCs. The Katana scales up in a different way that the Cruiser scales up. It's not super visible but this IS true.

I do think that there are some anomalies (one in particular is very terrible) but in general every higher model does have an advantage over the lower model.


Please do not rely on 'IRL' logic to try and explain anything Sindome. I was not in any way referring to 'real life' in my post. I was speaking from a stance of game mechanics and distinguishing items within the game. You answer diluted my point and added confusion to a discussion that was unnecessary.

A fuel tank part would be fine, sure, and if you scroll up in the thread, i believe it was even discussed already. If not in this thread, in one of the many others about vehicles. And it is something I would support. That being said, even then, the Katana/Cruiser 250 and the Katana/Cruiser 600 still need -something- to make them different enough to justify the 600 over the 250. That is currently lacking, and I would propose larger base fuel capacity as the answer.

Found the thread where I brought up fuel tanks before