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Ideas to reduce newspaper clutter
It won't kill your theoretical RP scenarios.

OK, so I have a few different ideas related to the issue of newspapers cluttering up the MOO because players feel like they have to spam them in every street rooms and bars in the game to get their publicity. Also, I'd like to not talk about flyers at the moment because crashdown already suggested degradeable flyers.

Idea 1. Newspaper stands as simple containers in bars and possibly hotels, which can only contain newspapers. In roomdesc they read something like "A newspaper stand containing 6 copies of newspapers is here." This should help centralize where newspapers should be placed to be read and doesn't require players to type 'look bar' to see the weeks-old newspapers sitting on the bartop.

Idea 2. Electronic newspaper stands, similar to a U-Vend, but only for newspapers. Has limited slots on them, let's say 5. Players can rent a slot, paying something like 200-500c a week or something, which they can input in a newspaper which will be copied for a price charged to the person buying them. To ensure corporate hegemony is maintained, New Light Media has a permanent slot on every stands, which prints out their latest Globe article, allowing you to purchase a printed Globe article to give out to your tech-illiterate chummers who don't use the Grid.

Idea 3. Newspapers are automatically destroyed from the MOO within a short period of time when placed in public rooms, possibly with text of a WCS worker walking over and taking them. This will prevent spamming of the MOO, thus forcing PCs to directly distribute newspapers to people, increasing RP. It can also work with the previous two ideas above to reduce clutter in the MOO. Newspaper delivery jobs for PCs would still be encouraged even if Idea 2 was implemented, since some people may prefer to directly distribute their papers rather than rent a slot in the stand, or maybe they don't want NPCs deleting their slot because it's straight up terrorism.

I think an electronic newspaper stand would encourage roleplay around player-made newspapers and reduce clutter a lot. Instead of having multiple newspaper objects littered onto every single street room and bar, the stand could print one on the fly for someone who wants one, reducing the spam while giving plenty of visibility if these stands are placed in bars.
There's already a decay feature which destroys these things if they aren't in a protected place. Nothing to worry about.
@beandip: Regardless, a player can still keep spamming the newspaper in the room.
I like the idea of a dispenser for recent editions of player made newspapers very much, even if they aren’t an issue of clutter!
The main concern I've had was that the idea would be shot down due to reducing RP, hence my suggestion on the third thing to completely prevent people from just dropping newspaper without RP or paying money for a slot.

I'd really like some feedback if anyone has some other reasons why the idea might not work that we could brainstorm a solution to.