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Ideas for attractiveness system change
Doesn't really factor in tailoring right now

Hi! Hopefully this post isn't revealing too much, but I'm writing to ask for a change in the attractiveness scoring system.

For a while, I thought that tailoring clothing with a nice enough material would help to contribute to an attractiveness score. With custom clothing and a nice enough fabric, you can make things that fit in with the cyberpunk theme and, if it isn't low-level fabric, could maybe make you look better when you wear it. I finally got a lightbulb over this the other night and realized.. this isn't so! When I wear any of the things I mentioned, they don't make my character look better, yet mall clothing /does/.

I can see where this came from: this is a game designed to be the most powerful with your attributes so you should buy what the game provides you with. But then, why does tailoring exist? It doesn't contribute to armor much either.

I propose an aggregate score of value contribute to a person's attractiveness, with a higher threshold so people have to buy really good clothing in order to look their best. As this stands, going out of your way to seek out custom fashion isn't doing anything outside of the realm of roleplay-logic. In a normal world, it'd be a reward. In the game, not so much.

As this stands, going out of your way to seek out custom fashion isn't doing anything outside of the realm of roleplay-logic.

Most of the game is roleplay logic, though. Custom clothing gives you greater facility in how you characterize yourself and plays into the Divide in different ways. Topside characters should spend on custom clothing to keep up with the Jonses. If people aren't doing that, that's sort of on them. Increasing the value of tailoring by adding in a charisma bonus would help tailors, but hurt characters with high charisma who have devoted UE to looking attractive. On balance, I think artistry already pays off in numerous ways, while charisma definitely does not need to be nerfed, but just my two chy.

From what I see, you can't really spend UE on looking attractive. Putting it in charisma doesn't do a thing for attractiveness.
Uh, it does. When you get to certain levels in charisma, you'll earn adjectives for your short-desc that define you as 'attractive' and so on.
Appearance is a substat of Charisma. Help stats. Increasing charisma will increase your short-desc listed attractiveness, but it happens at a different rate for every character. Slither recently explained in another topic how your substats rise as you spend UE. I hope that helps.
I've been dumping points into that for a looong time and I'm not seeing any of that. It's hard to believe at this point, that's all! And as there's no clear answers on how to build that, it makes managing this difficult. So naturally I thought it was /clothing/ that did it.

So this is not so?

Well, I've seen some 'attractive' or 'winsome' characters wearing immy clothes...
Yep. To my knowledge, store bought items can provide a minor bonus to charisma but if you see someone gorgeous walking around that means they have invested UE heavily.

Regarding store bought clothing vs player made clothing, I remember there being a discussion about potentially having very bad and very good tailors be able to create clothing with an charisma modifier (bad or good depending). No idea if this is something that will happen though.

On the flip side, if all we ant to do is level the field, maybe just take away the bonus store bought clothing can give you.

Your appearance stat is what determines if you look 'attractive/winsome/engaging/etc'. Assigning to a stat randomly assigns to one of the two substats, so you may just be getting unlucky.
Some clothing items boost your appearance, but no tailored items currently do this.
Some clothing items boost your appearance, but no tailored items currently do this.
So then when you assign this stat, your luck also factors in, or is it just pure RNG?
Ohh... I remember someone mentioning that your short desc won't change after increasing your charisma unless you do something to refresh it (add/remove clothing or changing @shortdesc for example). Could this be what's happening with you?

If not, and you are really sure that you have invested enough UE (I have no idea what you consider to be a lot), xhelp!

I mean OOCly unlucky, not ICly failing a roll on your luck stat for substat spread.
Then it sounds like it needs a better way to assign that stat. Why even depend on RNG for that to happen? It still doesn't make sense.
I mean you'll have to take that up with Johnny lmao
It's not just for charisma. There are sub-stats for each stat, and when you assign UE to that stat, the UE goes into one of the two sub-stats. That's how the game is coded.
It's not really RNG. Pretty much everyone is going to have a 50/50 spread in substats, or close to it.

If you aren't seeing an attractiveness change you simply haven't put that much UE into it, luck is not that much of a factor.

It changes when you add/remove clothing, so I doubt you'd need to do a short-desc change, but you could always try that. We can't really say much in terms of how the mechanics work, obviously, but it takes a big investment. If you're a few levels past the UE curve for Charisma and still haven't seen a change, maybe xhelp to check if everything is okay?
The stat system is fine... The odds are 50/50 so even if you are initially unfavored it will always even out in the end at least very closely because statistical principles.
The answer to a lot of questions in Sindome is that your stats aren't anywhere near as high as you think they are. Keep raising charisma. The bonus from mall clothes isn't even very high.
Thanks everyone for answering, I appreciate the nudge in the right direction!