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Hunger withdrawal script
Remind you when you're hungry

How about a hunger withdrawal script? Nothing that actually harms you; just something to help folks feel the struggle if they go long enough without eating. They'd be subtle messages about having not eaten in a while. Here are a few suggestions:


%N's stomach rumbles.

%N gives a brief wince as a pang of hunger hits.

%N's stomach growls.

%N's is looking hungry.

%N looks like %p could go for a bite to eat.

%N looks peckish.

Eating food does give you some kind of benefit according to @stats. I assume with healing and fatigue recovery. So.. I mean, I don't think it's entirely necessary. I'm assuming if they wanted to challenge the players like that, they would've added it long ago.
Forced emotes = bad

Internalized messaging = good.

There's a lot of great scripting opportunities on the appropriate forum and if you took it upon yourself to write one - I'm sure Slither would implement it.

This is one area that has always bugged me, since I think starvation is something that should be happening in the mix, but characters technically don't need to eat. I include food in as much RP as I can for realism sake, even though I don't necessarily need it codewise. It always bothered me a bit that eating is only occurring sometimes for certain stat benefits, so I'm a big supporter of ynk's concept.

However, I agree with Reefer in that I don't like forced emotes for something like this. Descriptions ought to be changed if a character doesn't eat very often, but I would assume in a crowded place, no one is really going to hear or pay attention to someone else's stomach rumbling.

However, I would love an occasional internal messaging. I've actually seen other RPIs do this, to give players a little push one way or another to go out and RP something, especially if they're idle. I feel like it would be a pain, code-wise, to program some intelligence here, like getting a trigger after so many hours/days since a character last ate. I feel like this could be an internal message that a player can ignore if it doesn't make sense or they're in the middle of a scene (I'm thinking a character wouldn't notice their hunger if they were presently being beaten to death, for example).

It used to bug me too, but there is so much else happening in the game that I now think it may just get in the way.
I think this would be a nice flavourful addition. Not really something that gets in the way at all.
That's because you've probably never been knocked out of stealth and murdered due to a forced emote.
Internalized messaging then.
I'm not saying that the forced emotes are good, Vera. Just that the idea isn't bad.

I could've been clearer.

We already have drugs, PDS, sickness, and several other scripted systems. Eating food confers a bonus so it's nice to do, but this isn't minecraft.
I've never played Minecraft before. Could you elucidate please?
This is an RPG where you're meant to foreground plots and player interaction and de-emphasize code and systems. There is already a lot of automated stuff to keep on top of and adding another zero-RP maintenance meter a la The Sims would not contribute to the game in a manner that supports this design value, especially given that food is dirt cheap. You'd just be adding in a zero-RP automation chore you'd have to do in order to not be annoyed by more scroll.

Instead of needing the game to spam you, why not just roleplay being hungry? Eating food gives you a bonus so you do have some reason to do so.

I can definitely see where you're coming from on the spam perspective, though I don't exactly agree with the Sims reference. That said, I've seen very few players actually RP being hungry which is why I was suggesting the nudge.

Like I said in my previous post, I'm already RPing this out so I'll continue. Either way, I see the pros and cons of this addition.

How do you "look like you could go for a bite"?
I’m not a fan of “Other people should RP X more/better/different so let's code an enforcement” ideas either. Artistry anyone?


I think that eating coded food is one of those things that players eventually figure out they want to do. Even though the system does not necessarily force them to do it, the benefits of doing so are so obvious that it just ends up happening anyway.

This seems like a solution looking for a problem.


In regards to the 'solution looking for a problem' comment. That could be used to describe almost every feature ever implemented in anything. A bit of flavor to remind people that don't necessarily track their score sheet often would help build immersion. It doesn't have to be obstructionary or force emotes. Something as simple as a thought bubble popping up could be really interesting.

I eat food regularly, but I sometimes get into stretches where I forget — something that happened more when I played a few years ago. I wouldn’t mind a message, and I think it might provoke a little more food ordering on the grid as well, which is a plus to involving players. Every time I end up getting a pizza delivered it seems like we end up having more business for the delivery guy and he gets a little more integrated into the world.