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Holdback for Skills

The title says it all.

There should be an equivalent of holdback for skills.

I agree with this, but it should be relatively inaccurate, or else be reliant on some sort of roll of intelligence and (related stat here)s for accuracy.

You should be able to nerf your skills to fit certain persona's and the like... Nothing worse than being disguised as Chester McNerd who's never fought in their life, and then suddenly, when targeted by Mixa McBlastman, it's revealed that you're really Chesta McSmash who dodges barrages of bullets on a daily basis. But it shouldn't be something that's easily done. Maybe a certain level of mastery involved in the skill might help, but I think a simple thing like just a basic int and related stat check would be a good idea to enforce people playing to their stats.

@holdback does nerf skills, Hek,

I'm not negging the idea, but can you give examples of what it would do differently than simply holding back the way we already have?

@holdback explicitly only nerfs stats. Check the help on it.

I wanted my character to fail a skill check.

I did a full 60% hold back and they still passed the check.

In my mind, someone who is competent enough to do something successfully, should be able to intentionally fail at doing what they otherwise could do.

In its current form, holdback does not facilitate that.

Yeah, I kinda agree with this. You should be able to make yourself fail a skill check, or at least roll real low on it.