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History (OOC) = Immigration Papers (IC)
Please make it more obvious that these are the same things

Hey guys,

I have been told ICly to complete my immigration paperwork. I have been told OOCly to get my history approved. No one really explained that they were the same thing until after a few hours of me trying to figure this out and trying to ask Immy, but not getting any response, did I realize that they might be the same thing. I finally asked this in xgame chat, which is when someone said it was the same thing. Could you guys make it more obvious for new players, so they don't have to go through the same thing?

As an added similar request: If there are other phrases that are different OOCly and ICly but are actually the same thing, could you guys provide information when providing one that the other phrasing means the same thing?

I think a 'help euphemism' or something similar could be made to clarify some of these IC-OOC phrases.

"Going out of Central for this amount of time." = "I will not be online for this amount of time."

"Going to the bathroom." = "Have to go @ooc for a moment."

"Going to take a nap." = "Going to be @ooc or offline for a few hours."

When I log into the game, I am seeing this:

[OOC: You have not set up your history. Please do so to further advance ICly. ]

I think this would be a good place to state that in ICly, setting up one's history is the same thing as completing the immigration paperwork..

It's a bit abstracted for a reason, like most things in SD, as not all histories are written the same and like batko pointed out, there's a lot of other context clues. Histories can include things that wouldn't be on immigration papers for example, but you still want staff to know about the character.

Maybe a single line within the OOC prompt that people ICly will call them immigration papers could help though.

I sorta wish you were made to do your history prior to the character walking into the world Ala Armageddon or something.

That way you could just jump in and get running with all the automated things, no need to wander around and wait on a review.

I've added something to our new player reminders that reminds them they need a history for a job and that 'immigration papers' are an IC way of players asking if you have an approved history. Thanks for the feedback!
@Volo That's a bit off topic, if you want to discuss it, please start a new thread in an appropriate thread. We want to keep threads focused.