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High End Melee Weapons

Not sure if there are melee weapons that match the top tier long blade weapons (ceramic kat). I was thinking if there weren't adding some would be cool.

My suggestions:

Mattock (with Axe style head)

Combat Scythe

I'm willing to do the messaging.

I think there's a reason melee is tiered out the way it is. If not, I'd prefer to see something that felt a little more CP, like a badlands spear or a super sledge.
Why there isn't a ethanol powered chainsaw is beyond me...
A lot of the weapons in game tend to lack a CP feel. not complaining about it, just an observation.
Chainsaw please, yes. This seems like such a no-brainer I don't know why we don't have them. And agree, you should need to fill it up at the pump.
Isn't this just the sledgehammer?
I think the sledgehammer is up there with the katana, but the capstone weapon for this tree being something as cool/flavorful as a ceramic or Nailz would be neat.
Weapons have considerations other than straight damage in their tiering. I am pretty sure the top shelf melee weapons are more or less as good as any other class of weapon for reasons I can't really get into without a mechanics discussion, but also CHAINSAW
With melee you can fight with anything though...that in and of itself is a benefit. However else will you kill a dune dragon with a progia
The sledgehammer and pickaxe are damage balanced with other high end weapons. Just look at the pricing.
I totally hear you, Cerb, and that's fine.

On the other hand, I really -can't- hear you over the revving of this CHAINSAWWWWW

+1 to Chainsaw - with it acting like shouting so you can hear that thing from the next room.
to the west, you hear the roar of a chainsaw ripping some sorry chummer in half.
*to the west, you hear the roar of a chainsaw starting up

to the west you hear shouting "WARRIORS! COME OUT TO PLAAAY!"

I'm still in the Slither boat of game balance but for your consideration: The Chainsaw bayonet!

^ ReeferMadness in the gun-melee thread. Reminded me of this thread.

I would still like to see a chainsaw that runs on ethicol as the top shelf melee weapon please and thank you.

We can do badlands spear AND chainsaw.

Chainsaw lance -when-?

To balance a chainsaw we need to use electric ones only that plug into wall outlets.

I'd definitely like to see some more corporate worthy melee weapons as well in the higher end tiers.

Batons are really the only "polite and proper" way to cudgel someone as it is and you certainly wouldn't see a Judge or Corpsec beating someone into submission with a sledgehammer...






I definitely agree on that point (battery powered shock batoooon) but given how eccentric corpsec tends to be I can definitely see a security chief signing off on Agent Sledgehammer. "They're unconventional, but you can't argue with results."
Agent Sledgehammer has a way of hammering home his brand.
brb perming
OK but before you perm.

Chainsaws though.