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Hide vehicles from view
addressing the meta

One thing that I have noticed come up a lot, is that players are encouraged to 'ignore' player cars, as they are 'lost' in the ambient vehicle population of an area. A suggestion I have concerning that is having cars be 'hidden' in a room description, much like cameras.

I would take it a step further however, and assign rooms and cars an ambient and arbitrary 'value'. The closer or further a vehicle is away (absolute values) from this number, the more hidden or more apparent it is.

A Ferrari in the mix for example would stand out and probably just outright show up for most people, while a cricket would blend in super well.

Having characters who are authorized on a vehicle be able to automatically see it would be an option, but not having that could lead to some interesting 'dude, where's my car?' moment.

This also makes it visibly apparent when a character is searching for a car or bike, allowing other PCs and NPCs to react.

By that logic you shouldn't see people in rooms either. It is the way it is for playability's sake.
I've never seen any sort of encouragement to ignore vehicles. I feel like any vehicle in the mix would attract a moderate to high amount of attention depending on the model and location. If we're talking about gold/green/blue... that's probably a different story.
I like the spirit of the idea, but considering how high of a risk car jackers are already facing (and the many OOC rules around it), I think we should probably not make it any harder for them.
The Mix is full of cars, bikes and aeros, but pricier models will attract a lot of attention.

I feel like there are enough of the lower end cars and bikes just sitting around that in practice they do actually blend in. Aeros are another story, but people probably aren't just leaving those on the street so of course they get some looks.