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Helmets stop eat/drink/smoke
Take your helmet off, baka!

Would be a cool feature to have thinks like drinks/food/smoking get blocked when you're wearing a helmet since helmets cover your face.

Sort of like the message you get when you try to light something you aren't holding.

eat sandwich

If you are: Take off your helmet, baka!

If not: eat/drink/smoke as usual.

It's one part function one part good RP. A lot of helmet wearers already do this just to be RPing like pros, but I'm a big fan of gear forcing you to do it rather than allowing people to casually pound lagers and smokes through their helmet.

"You open your visor, dropping your disguise to mash something between your gummy-gums."

I've never seen someone try to smoke while wearing a helmet, but that sounds hilarious that it's possible.

I would apply this to shrouds and hoods, too. If you're smoking and drinking, your face should be visible.
Shrouds yes, hoods no. I can drink a beer just fine with a hood on.
But you could eat under the shroud with your hands underneath the shroud. Smoking would be rather fatal, I'm assuming.
One of those cases I'm not sure realism should prevail. Sounds like it'd be tedious.
Agreeing and expanding on Necro's point.

I've already wished certain drugs could be taken on the merit of "lifting up" blocking gear or uncovering a faceplate. I don't see why we'd need to make it even worse, with the current QoL.

"I'm a big fan of gear forcing you"

I'm not, not for something as trivial as the way you have described this.

Now - I can think of an actual good-reason for this idea: If people think that eating, drinking and smoking through a helmet is an abuse of the disguise system. I'm not sure one way or the other whether I think so or not, but, at least it's a reason beyond immersion.

Fair point. I am mostly just pointing at helmets because they are a powerful tool, and it would be a good way to make people more vulnerable to be having fun.
beandip, do you mean to sound so demeaning in your responses? Or am I just mis-reading your tone?
I definitely don't mean to.
They're powerful and already have a -lot- of restrictions with them.

Certain gear can't even worn beneath certain ones and there are points you simply -have- to remove it and expose yourself.

I'd like nothing more than to be able to lift up the face plate of armor and stick a patch on my cheek.

I seem to be able to shoot vee and exy into my eyeball just fine with a helmet on.

Ah cool, it's crazy how easy it is to misinterpret words when we aren't able to hear peoples tones. Silly text. Anyway, thanks for the feedback y'all!
No problem JMo, I can see how that particular statement could be taken.

On the other hand, Johnny's attitude is totally unambiguous when he says he "gives no fucks about your immersion"!

This seems well, unnecessary...just don't do it, if you think it doesn't make sense...people ask all the time for the system to correct mechanically things they can do on their own.

That being said, add a distorted (Darth Vader style not Kylo) @voice to the helmet or that people don't recognize your unique accent.

(Also...Judges can smoke or whatever they want, because their helmets don't offer complete coverage of their faces, something to keep in mind. Since they are the most prominent helmet users in the game.)

I feel like this is a mechanical fix to what amounts to an RP issue.

Most stuff that can actually provide some benefit is already restricted by what you have on.

Hazmat suits, space suits ... we should do this.

no reason somebody with a helmet on should be able to eat/drink/smoke/shoot vee into their eyes. Being disguised should be a burden upon your character, you're basically giving up some shit to remain, you know...anonymous.