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Have Reqs Place Orders

There have been many threads in the past about improving the 'Requisitions' role, many of which require substantial changes to code. I was thinking about a simple one that I think could be a big benefit to Requisitions RP:

IDEA: Make Requisitions Officers be the characters that order Requisitions, not the delivery PCs.

Right now, a corporate character orders their requisition themselves, writes in the justification, and then the Reqs Officer delivers it at the end. Instead, Reqs should control the whole process (similar to how, for instance, HR controls the whole process of hiring, even for other divisions.) Want to order something? Talk to a Reqs officer, who then inputs the order, justification and budget code in the terminal.

Why do this? I see two big benefits:

1. Now PC Requisitions officers are the first line of vetting people's justifications, giving them a political power in the company. Of course, management/staff has the final say -- just like with hires -- but now you have an actual person to RP with to convince you need that cool toy.

2. There is more room for PC corruption, as now Requisitions officers can place orders for phantom destinations. Also, it gives Reqs characters more in to paydata as they talk to people about what they need.

Ultimately, this doesn't require any code changes at all -- the same ordering system can be used, just only the Reqs characters use it. It can just be announced ICly as a 'centralizing of requisitions ordering for corporate efficiency.'

If corpie pcs want to do this ICly, I think they can propose it ICly. However, consider why we did it the way we did: when there is no PC requisitions.
When there are no PC requisitions, there are also no PC deliveries.
I was always under the impression that corps without pc reqs were just out of luck and didn't get deliveries at all, except for possibly really crucial plot stuff. I may be wrong.

It did always seem strange that it's one of the least played roles in the game (from what I've seen) considering it's likely the easiest and most accessible corpie role in the game. It's a good comparison to make between something like barkeeping, which is also extremely accessible and seen as a 'newbie' job... Then why are there always a million bartenders everywhere and almost no requisitions? RP. Requisitions doesn't get you RP because they're glorified crate runners. They don't really have control over stuff and there's little reason to stay on the good side of a req pc. I've even seen the role described as just that by NPCs.

Without delving into mechanics, there is potential to do some hustling/plotting in the system, but it's pretty janky. I think if we want to encourage people to use the system (we should, reqs are one of the best resources corp characters have), Pavane's suggestion is pretty good, seems very conductive to more RP and potential for shenanigans. If not that, the other suggestions that have been passed around regarding having a budget based on different factors like corp stock, number and ranking of req pcs, etc, and having the req be the one approving or declining orders and trying to use their budget effectively. Go over budget? HR might start snooping around, other employees are pissed because they need stuff too, and they're now on your ass. Under budget but don't have enough for that emergency request that just came in? Maybe you have to use some shady alternative methods to obtain the item elsewhere, or admit you fucked up.

Either way, the role could definitely use some spice to make it more than just Crates: Corpie edition.

I like this idea, and if I were playing a character in that role, I would push heavily IC for it to work this way. The tools are already there to give players this level of discretion, and staff could make it happen for a player ready to do something interesting with it.