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Hard Currency
Follow the money.

I propose some low key changes to currency. Just to keep things interesting.

New Types of currency: Imperial Yuen, Russian Ruble, and People's Coin.

New Variant's of Chyen: NLM, Saedor Krupp, ViriiSoma, Skywatch, ZMI, Genetek, etc.

Any cash transaction would exchange chyen variations. People paid out of a corporation would naturally have their specific variation of chyen.

Withmore Savings Bank would ONLY accept Chyen.

Each cultural center would deal openly in their variation of currency as well as chyen.

Markets would accept all forms of currency but the conversion would change from stall to stall.

Syndicates would have better access to their currency.

A large scale money converter would exist somewhere in Red Sector.

If you had the appropriate perception + forensics or trading you would be able to identify the currency type in a transaction.

Withmore Savings Bank would track your chyen and a skilled decker would be able to ascertain what kind of corporate chyen you're dealing in to best identify your corporate ties.

Naturally, carrying or exchanging hard currency that is not chyen topside would be a social faux pas.


Sounds really expansive

And really cool.

Would make shopping in red a pain in the dick, but it would be super worth it.


Hmm. Really interesting idea, but sort of really overly complex.

The first concern that jumps out at me is what governs conversion rates? Seems like a tough thing to balance. If all currencies are literally or even nominally equivalent there's not much point.

In discerning what currency is present in a transaction, why would that require a skillcheck? Wouldn't it be emblazoned with it's parent corp (and everyone would know chy?

I think most people would just funnel everything to chy since that's what WSB would take in holdings.

If IC events affected conversion rates it could be interesting maybe. Mixers might want to trade in corporate currencies that are more valuable at a given time, but being seen with corp currency would be dangerous (Are you working for a corp?). Having literally like a dozen+ currencies running around is really messy though.

I'm not sure I see the reasoning behind having a bunch of competing currencies. The Chad Hill Yen is the national currency of Withmore Hope Inc., and the reason it has value is because of the economic strength of the entities that have significant presence in Withmore City. I know the helpfile or chyen says that they can have different corporate markings on the bills, but it also says that their value remains the same, so differentiating between different corporate-printed bills would be kind of a waste of resources.

If it wasn't an ungodly amount of work to fuck with the way markets and the economy worked, I could definitely see some kind of scrip being used in the mix, mostly because mixers trading pieces of paper with 'MIXER CRED' scrawled on them seems totally feasible.

Super awesome idea, but maybe a bit much? I feel like a common currency is one of the main things the competing corporate nation states would come together to agree on. I'd rather see a more integrated local to Withmore stock market or something along those lines.
This seems redundant to me. My understand has been that "chyen" is just slang for physical, paper currency. There isn't a specific type of "chyen", but a mixture of corporate scrip and "national / government" issued scrip.
Correct Hex, as per help chyen: Chyen is the currency of Withmore City. There are chyen bills of all denominations and they are issued by various

corporations. It's not uncommon to see a stack of chyen notes, and have a mixture of notes from various different

corporations. This is all just flavor. There is no difference between RPing a stack of all NLM notes and a stack of

mixed denomination, mixed corporation notes. It's all worth the same.

Cool idea, sounds like a nightmare to implement and may or may not be a nightmare to navigate. I always pictured churn as printed out with random Corporate markings on them, but I’m also not trying to play with 10 different dolls dolls bills, y’all.
This phone is not being kind to me this morning.

Search frog pictures

I would settle for being able to look at a pile of chyen on the ground and get a vague idea of how much is in it. It'd get me less excited when I see a single chy on the ground.
Realhumanbean, you can actually inspect piles on the ground to get a ballpark idea of whats there. Depending on some IC factors you may be spot on or waaaay off.