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Separate from @naked head

Now that we have wigs and neat hair colors, I think it would be cool if one's hair got its own description separate from someone's face. You could even make it so the hair description displays in the hair's color, and auto-resets when you use a hairstyler (changes to '%N has unruly long pink hair' or whatever.) Side bonus: people with face mods could change their hair!
As with any suggestion for a new @naked this brings up a whole can of issues with it.

Some of those being existing clothing coverage, the combat code, cyberware, and so on... Not necessarily disagreeing with you, but people have suggested new nude slots in the past and it has been put in the 'not likely' category for those reasons.

Would it be possible to not code it as a new @naked, but a separate thing that tacks onto the end of ones head @naked?
I once suggested a @naked slot for the butt, but apparently the issue here is that it would make things really difficult on the tailoring system. Since there'd be another slot you need to cover or not, meaning every tailored item in the game might need adjustment. Or something like that.
That can't be true, None of the clothes in withmore cover the butt anyway. Kidding, but I don't think coverage would need to be adjusted that much for hair, since most things like hats are made see-thru and don't cover the hair, and we can't make hoodies and thelike.
Again, not a new @naked. An add-on, like a tattoo, colored as your hair's color.
But then wouldn't it be difficult to adjust? Considering you can't change the colorcode in a @naked in two different ways. Just with @skintone.
That's why it's a separate thing. @hair, not @naked hair. Also, you can't color your hair different without a hairstyler.
Sounds like they'd need to invent a whole new system for that, chummerlummer.
At least if you want to describe your hair, which is what most people wanna do since the hairstyle only does so much in 'detail'.