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Grappling Ideas
Because we aren't discussing enough controversial topics.

I've thought about grappling a lot, and I don't think it's broken or overpowered like I maybe used to, but I do think there's some features that it could benefit from.

No shouting while grappled

This could lead to some interesting situations where grappling makes it easier to acquire people stealthily. Some may think it is overpowered, but SIC still exists, it's not a total death sentence.

Can't break out, but can avoid suffocation

As far as I'm aware, this is not a mechanic, but feel free to tell me I am wrong. You either get choked or you break out. There should be a middleground where your character has just enough skill / strength / finesse to avoid suffocation in the grapple but still can't break out. This is realistic, there are many real-life techniques to avoid suffocation from choke holds.

Thoughts? I think these would balance out nicely and encourage more roleplay-focused grappling, using it to reposition or kidnap enemies rather than only be used as a primary offensive maneuver.

TBH, I like these with the addition of the keeping someone silent maybe needing an extra command/being paired with being choked.
Maybe a grapple from stealth could be a silent one
The same concern about suffocation in particular crossed my mind recently and I think that would be a great middle ground!

Silencing the target is a little worrisome to me only because your ability to call for help can already be severely crippled. Maybe if it required an item like a gag or something? No idea how that would work but it's a thought, if different holds can't be an option.

So, these both exist the current implementation but you're less likely to experience them due to the skill/stat delta of whoever is choking you out. I think the silence portion should be reviewed as it currently allows people to shout but clears their message accordingly. It would be better if the shout just didn't carry over to other rooms at all.
As a black belt, the grappling system drives me absolutely INSANE. It is physically coded wrong.

What that means is. Strength is not factored correctly. I don't care how much stronger than me you are, I can can pretty much get out of it without using any strength at all. It comes down to knowledge, balance and leverage.

These can easily be implemented into stats and skills. Perception, Agility, "Some" strength. and MA or Brawling. Hell make grappling a skill if you want. But it's so incredibly one sided that it's annoying.

If the latter feature is implemented, I'd still highly suggest tweaking it to be an actual thing more perhaps, because after a year or so of playing a combat character and seeing tons of grapples, I can safely say I've never seen this happen. The margin between avoiding suffocation and flat-out breaking out is likely razor thin.
Not to interrupt the as a black belt veteran EDC operator blah blah blah but I don't know that stanning far-right terrorists in the PFP is even really a dog whistle anymore chummer, at that point it's just a regular whistle.
Did somebody say stealth grapple?

Perception and Agility are 100% part of grapple check. Search for "3 step grapple" to find the more detailed discussions from when it was refactored to not just be a strength check. :)
I know, that isn't the suggestion though, the idea is that (although people have noted that this is possible) you should be able to avoid suffocation as a middle ground between being choked out and breaking out of the hold.

Reefer says this is possible already, which means it definitely is, but I have actually never seen this happen in all my combat time, so maybe it needs a tweak? Just a suggestion, I dunno how it all works ofc!

I've always been in favour of more to do -whilst- grappled.

Besides calling for help and punching the resist command (if it isn't auto triggered) it feels to me like once your character is grappled you as a player are effectively removed from the game until either your character breaks out of the hold by themselves or passes out and likely dies.

Adding some coded alternatives to just the resist command would keep me as a player more engaged in combat and the surrounding rp once a grapple takes hold of my character or I apply one.