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Grappling and Doors

It is currently possible to close or open a door while being grappled. It does not matter if it is an out of combat grapple, or an in combat grapple.

I brought this up with staff and they suggested posting about it here.

What do you all think?

Should people who are grappled be able to open and close doors?

I bugged this awhile back and was told it was intended, but if it has changed, it's weird you can't do stuff like disarm while grappled but can open doors and containers imo.
It's a bit silly but you could also be kicking the door with your feet.
Of two minds here.

One is that grappling is pretty powerful and prevents people from doing plenty already.

Two is that it makes perfect sense that someone wouldn't be able to work a door while grappled.

Considering the chances to working doors in combat already, I'm curious how this would actually play out. I think giving the grapplee a bit more to do in that scenario is likely for the best, considering how few other options they're given.

Opening and closing doors in combat take a round. Provided this uses the resist action for the combat round - it seems okay if not kinda silly. I'd prefer it wasn't possible but as long as the mechanic has an appropriate penaly c'est la vie.

Note: The same is also applicable to unlocking/locking vehicles currently.

This is as intended. It has been discussed a bunch in the past. Just because you have me in a headlock doesn't mean you have me in a full nelson. I can use my feet still. Heck, I might still have my hands free. People should RP accordingly and not be meta about it of course.
to be fair, having someone 'grappled' is pretty ambiguous.

'just because i have you in a headlock...'

is that what 'grapple' means? specifically?

if so, maybe the language around it needs to be cleaned up.

He's acknowledging that 'grapple' is ambiguous, and stating that depending on current circumstances, you may or may not have the freedom to perform certain actions.

That said, if you're getting grappled in front of an apartment full of all of your crap, you're probably not going to take the time to deliberate with your attacker to decide whether you can close that door or not. You've got about a second before his buddy walks right in, after all.

I suspect it's for balance reasons, but if you can open a door while you're grappled, you should absolutely be able to unlock and open a car door while grappling someone as well, since that only takes one hand to do.
That is semi-off topic for this thread. Please keep threads on topic. If you have a relevant idea from a thread, create a new thread.