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Got a light, chum?
Lighting other peoples smokes for them.

Maybe an @trust thing? Command would work like 'light cig on Bob with lighter' and you would reach over and light Bob's cigarette/joint/bubbler.

For those batas who always got the extra lighter.

Good idea. Would be a nice to have for flavor.

Just for educational purposes, I'm going to lay out some knowledge on how the MOO parses commands. As I think it will help refine some ideas in the future.

'light on ' might be a good command for this but 'light with on ' is not a command that the MOO supports natively. If you examine objects you'll see a pattern emerges in terms of how the commands are laid out.

Specifically for more complex actions it is typically something like: "[verb] [direct object] [preposition] [indirect object]"

For example: [light] [cigarette] [with] [lighter]

The MOO does a lot of the work when we have commands in that format, because it automatically detects the direct object and indirect object.

-- S

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