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Got a light?
light smoke on dame with flarelighter

I want people to be able to light my smokes. I want to be able to light other people's smokes. This can't possibly be a new idea but it's fantastic and cool and themely.

light on with ?

Maybe you can ask bartenders if they got a light, too.

Agree with this a hundred percent!
I really like this idea and have thought about it in the past. I feel as though it would need to require it's own @trust in some way.
I can't think of a lot of places where we've violated the basic command syntax of the moo.

Almost everything has to follow the syntax of: verb dobj {with/any/this/of/etc} iobj

We could override it, but it tends to lead to really unintuitive / obscure commands.

(Edited by MirageGM at 2:54 am on 9/5/2021)

Light Jane with Flarelighter

Unless you're actually planning on allowing people to light each other on fire...

Light Jane's cig with Flarelighter

I could see some kind of smart command like...

light dame with flarelighter

... where it figures out that an average dame is holding an unlit cig, and lights it.

What alittlelonger suggested is very similar to the syntax used for makeup so it wouldn't be without precedent.
I actually thought we had made this possible. I wonder if we did but the syntax is so obtuse that no one remembers it.

I think you can however ask bartenders for a light...

I can't find the code that would let a bartender offer you a light but I swear Johnny coded this.

As for the other suggestion, you can see my response in this thread: Got a light?

I liked this despite it breaking command paradigms, and it's been added to the game.