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Give (number) of item to someone

If you have a ton of the same item, instead of spamming the screen you could just give a whole stack to them. If it fits on a stack in your inventory, then it could be handed over that way.
But what about hand slots.
Oh. Do hand slots only hold 1?
Perhaps backpacks or garbage bags or even duffle bags could be a thing that would solve both issues?
Bags have been repeatedly denied, still not sure why, but there it is. It's a big benefit to convenience and a big risk to getting it lifted, seems to self-balance and already works just fine with briefcases.

I played another MUD for ages that had backpacks, everyone was carrying one and if it got stolen you lost your ass on it.

Maybe there could be classifications from poor to rich, with pricing to follow like:

a garbage bag - 100c (holds a low amount of weight and breaks if you overload it) must be held - doesn't warn you if you overload it either

a grubby backpack - 1000c (holds a medium amount of weight, wont close if you overload it and stuff could fall out randomly) can be worn, must be closed to keep things from falling out

a large suitcase - 10,000c hold a decent amount of weight - must be held

a duffle bag - 15,000c holds a lot of stuff - can be worn on back or held

a SHI aero-bag - 50,000c holds a shitload of stuff and floats beside you cuz you're a corpie piece of shit who's too good to put things in a pocket like some mixer scum - can be locked with a code, but if open anyone can take from it as it's just floating there - could be hijacked by a good decker/cracker

Backpacks are a no-no because if equipped they moot pickpocketing, much like other containers.
I played a thief in the MUD I was referencing, lifted a ton of goodies off folks despite them having the ability to stash in packs. People get lazy and forgetful, especially with things they use often. But yeah, I see the point, being a dip is tough.
That's why you have limitations to what you can put in them. i mean you can wear holsters and sheaths and such too.
No wearable unstealable bags.

No give count item to person.

There is a level of interaction and roleplay required to hand off a bunch of items. We don't want to automate this.

Being a dip is purposefully tough, but by far not impossible. Things can be stolen, stripped and overall removed from your person when someone invests into the skill. But the same goes for all anti-dip skills and stats. Part of game progression

How about bags that can only be held and not worn?