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Filler Gear Vague Suggestions
Gear for other skills

So something I've noticed is thus...

Combat junkies have armor in a lot of grades, and implants a plent

Social butterfly's have clothing that shows off their wallet.

Disguise specialists have all this gear and kit they can build up.

Where's the other roles gear?

I'd love to see stealth characters have various levels of sneaking style suits. Urban camo, and the like. Culminating in a digital stealth solution that can be worn with Metachrosis and interfaces with it somehow. with an included helmet to disguise your features. Pricepoint around that of Xo3, and etc. Let people live their cyberninja dreams.

I'd love to see something like a mechanic or mobile rigger suit/augmentation, that lets people jack into bots and cars and take them over, maybe give them pre-programmed instructions and then jack out of them and have them execute. Something like making the car drive to the HoJ while loaded with bombs on a set timer might come to mind as a cyberpunk style plot.

I'd love to see wheelman suits. Things like driving gloves, and skid suits that actually work for driving bikes, that prevent big damage when crashing at high speeds.

More instruments. I'd love to see a high end version of an instrument that transforms, I think that would be really cool. Or open up artists/Artist-techs to make their own instrument's from something appropriate to the item.

I call these filler gear suggestions, because they fill gaps in the repertoire that we have already. Anyone have any other ideas like these?

I think the reason there isn't a lot of gear for other roles is that other roles don't have as much depth than the ones listed. Combat has plenty of depth, socialites have plenty of paths and types, and disguise got a very big update semi-recently.

When you compare that with medical types, for example, the depth just isn't there. I mean, you could come up with like, shock implants in someone's palms to ressus someone on the go, but 'on the go' type stuff is all you'd really be able to do until those archetypes have a little more depth. I would go as far as to say medical, in particular, is in need of more coded elements almost as much as decking is.

Not to be contrarian Sly, but the medical career actually has quite a bit of associated gear required for it, it's just gated behind licensing and/or IC training.

I think there could be more content for mid-tier medical players, but I think that would require a bit of an overhaul to the way we handle health and wounding. I'm not suggesting we go full SS-13 and have 1001 wild medical conditions, but some things like getting broken bones from heavy blunt force trauma or falling off roofs, or other medical conditions that don't fall into the categories of 'requires a special drug' or 'fixed by the heal verb' would probably add to the sense of progression for medics.

One of my hesitations with more mechanics-enabling gear is there's already sort of a problem where there are a lot of very neat coded mechanics gated behind extremely expensive items that most characters will never have access to (yeah I am looking at you rigging).

I was mostly referring to specifically medical stuff, not cybernetics and ripping and all that. I 100% agree that different damage types should cause broken bones, dismemberment and deeper bleeding respectively. Let medics shine, especially EMTs, that ambulance is picking up dust.


I don't think there's anything wrong with that, skills like chemistry, rigging, piloting etc should be advanced and hard to get into. It would be excellent to have more lower end, much less powerful items in those fields to get your feet wet, though. Like a little hoverbike that would be semi affordable.