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Felibot display names
Are they like dogs?

So I know that RePet dogs have their IC names written on their collars. I suggest that this be the case for Felibots too. Maybe Felibots could have a "collar-type" display on their necks that shows their name?
Robots have only one unique way to change their physical description besides a few unique parts. It's difficult dressing them (and even worse taking stuff off) that'd help single them out. Making it so the naming command updates some type of digital display on the robot, if it's something that can be named, would go a long way in helping people targeted/stalked/harassed by robots have a chance to identify them beyond 'it's a felibot!' to which everyone can respond 'which one out of the x amount of (ambient) crowd?'
+1 in general. Not super big on the method chosen, but -some- kind of method for telling them apart would be great.