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Fab-Rep Carry Scrap for Salvage

Just a thing that has bugged me for ages. You can have a full fab-rep toolbox of scrap, but you cannot use that scrap to repair car parts, or similar things. It has its use, of course, but the fact that you need to prespend scrap OR carry large amounts of loose scrap with you for things when an item is made to carry them is very odd to me.


I'm not familiar with the item or what its uses are personally, but if it's a toolkit that you can carry, might it just be that the kind of scrap needed for vehicle repair is too big to fit in it? At least in the auto body repair sense? No way a two foot square hunk of steel is gonna fit in a standard toolkit along with everything else that goes in it, if at all, for example.
As far as I remember, fab-rep toolboxes were intended to be generic scrap storage tools.

I think they were just never fleshed out after the robot update.

The toolboxes hold scrap, and have to hold it for robot repair. However, they cannot be used in vehicle repair or have scrap removed from them. One of those things that minimally bug me.