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Expose Command

Pretty simple idea, no clue how hard it would be to code. Basically, expose a single @naked without removing an article of clothing. Show off the tattoo on your arm or leg without flashing someone the goods, don't get undressed in situations that really don't warrant it, etc.
I like it, can show off some rad tats or tits to your pals, or even help out your doc to show them where you got shot/stabbed.
Quit playing, yall just really, really want a 'moon' command. :)

Really though, yeah, this is great!


Never thought of this myself, but I definitely want it. Removing your coat just to show your arms for a second feels so unnecessary now.

'flash @naked to X' Reveals the pointed @naked to the target character.

Maybe a new 'verb' is needed? Like, @bodypart that has the @nakeds as it's base?

Major +1, cool idea.
This has been implemented in March 2019 - Bug Fixes & Updates!
This is so cool!

Though now I wish you could also 'expose clothing article', like if you are flashing a shirt or underwear or something.