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Expand naked appendment to cyberware
Contextual ware, tare and detail

I know in an update a while back, there is now an allowance to have a @naked in locations with bio-mods, so you can append them with more details, like injuries, scars, piercings or just expanding particulars of the area.

It would be cool if that were extended to more cyberware so that you could add in details like dirt, old damage, shitty paint jobs, cybeware "tattoos" little expressions that can make cyberware, even the stock stuff a little more unique. Maybe just a QOL thing for certain cyberware that lock nakeds, but do not actually cover that naked, such as sinus refactoring, tracheal, lumbar and cyber brain.

Not sure how hard it is to do of course, but think it would be awesome to have a recently dismembered Snake have an artist spray paint up their garbage cyber arm replacement to rep. Or that old time solo with the arm that has battle scarring all over it. Or media star with signatures of the cast of their latest show over a high fashion cyber leg.

Yes please.