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Execution messaging
More for more weapons!

Not all weapons have messages for when you kill people and that's fine, but special weapons should!

Sledgehammer: You raise your sledgehammer skyward and with a mighty grunt bring it down on %t's head, shattering %p skull in a shower of gore.

Stiletto: You bend down and get a hand under %n's chin, lifting it to allow your little ceramic blade to flash across %p throat, ending %p life in an instant.

post yours!!

Uhh, what do you mean, not all, what happens instead? They all inherit from a root object, so they all should have -some- message.
Usually it defers to a neck snap or 'kill' fatal.
1+ forever. I always found it weird some 'higher tier' weapons don't have their own messages past 'you snap [x]'s neck.' >.>
This is a crime.

Ok, I'm working on kill messages suitable for all knives. We'll have to add doing an audit of these to the builder backlog. :)


I remember discussion a while ago about a potential membership tier/option to have custom execution messages. Is this idea still kicking around?

Eh, I think if you can have an @death message, you can have a @kill messages.

Also if you want a fatality that bad, pose/emote it? Make a @macro, I think its doable.

I don't like talk about membership perks tho, feels like a slippery slope. There is a reason stuff changed.

ahhh I fucked up the %pronouns in my OP