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Entry level car crime
Yer wheels and yer fuel are no longer yours.

Right now , entry level car crime is somewhat difficult in the Dome. You can steal cars if you have a tow truck , great security skills or a combination of the both. What we need is small minor petty thefts for people to grow into.

Fuel theft ; Requires a fuel siphon and fuel can / drum / other car. The items already exist , the functionality however doesn't (or i'm blind or dumb or a combination of both). Instead of getting fuel out of a drum and into the car , you get fuel out of the car and into your drum. From a logical point of view , you just reverse the siphon and presto : instant free fuel. It would allow players to set up a black market for fuel or steal their fuel from parked cars. If any skill checks should be involved it would be either mechanics or security tech.

Tire theft : We already have a car jack in real life. Right now in the dome, if you manage to get your tires destroyed , you will need to call a tow truck to haul your ride to a garage and replace the tire. In real life you just get your jack from the back of your car, put on your spare tire and continue driving. Same thing of course can be done with someone else his car and his tires. The car jack should only give the functionality of replacing tires, not repairing them or uninstalling any other parts from the car. Once again , mechanics or secure tech.

The argument against these suggestions is that if they are installed , people would just steal all the tires and no car would have any fuel or tire.

We have car storage and parking places that are monitored via camera or via a guard. If you leave your ride sitting in the middle of red while your sleep, i find it no suprise that you wake up to an empty shell of a car.

The second problem with that reasoning is that right now , people can break into your ride or tow it into a garage and then have free reign over the car. Right now people already have the option to do this on a grander scale , but it hasn't happened.

I think it'd be nice if mechanic's toolbelt in conjunction with a tire iron could swap tires if the appropriate skill is there as well. Will people's cars be left on cinder blocks? Hell yeah...but maybe efforts could be made to make this difficult/suspicious to do topside.
There's vehicle storage for a reason. I support the fucking with people's rides.
I'm leery of this because anything not bolted down gets stolen instantly, and getting your stuff messed with while you're offline and unable to respond straight up sucks.
Although not being able to do jack shit when you're offline about your stuff getting jacked is a bit of a bummer, the whole 'anything not bolted down gets stolen' thing kinda fits theme, especially in the Mix. I've seen some crazy shit in my hometown when it comes to people taking stuff they really shouldn't for no real reason.

But, where there's a place for things to be stolen, there's a place for countermeasures. We have vehicle storage, all we need now is tracking beacons. There are lowtech ways of doing this that already exist in the game (for meta reasons I won't list them but most of you oldies know what I mean) so if your car does get jacked and you were creative enough to stick said item in there and stash it, all is well.

Tires and stuff seems... Different though. Can't put said item inside a tire, and fuel caps usually require a key that accesses the car. If you can get through that, you can probably already get into said car, and jack it anyway. Unless you force the cap open anyway.

My thought process here is that the cost of the mechanics toolbelt and tire iron will outweigh rampant douche tires are cheap enough, right? The idea is that it helps mechanics without tow trucks and also creates a avenue for miscreants.
I think you'd just see one guy log in at 4 AM to steal every tire in the game.
You’re probably exactly right in your prediction but if that’s not dedication to stealing tires I don’t know what is.
Actually, tires aren't cheap and you can easily make a second hand toolbelt in cost by stealing a cars entire wheel set. Throw in a extra few kay and you have your tire iron. Not only would this leave cars without use and force admin to puppet NPC for tows when PC's aren't around, it would make owning a vehicle even more of a nuisance and costly, as if ethicol wasn't pricey.

The only positive about this is *maybe* increasing the use of tow trucks, even then you should be able to install the tires on spot just like removing them. This doesn't do anything constructive and forces players to rent garages which have limited amounts, forcing anyone without access to one down in the Mix to suffer and buy new tires every other day.

Let's not forget rides are already susceptible to being stolen entirely. There's already risk verse reward here in regards to them. We all know a certain player already did such thing and stole several vehicles in one week with next to no effort, this is just as susceptible to abuse.

What if only "flat" tires could be swapped out with a tire iron and new tires installed to prevent abuse?
Owning a new car in the mix is a status symbol. If you can afford a car you should take into consideration everything that comes with it (theft/fuel/getting chopped/storage to avoid all of that) or you’re gonna have a bad time.

Your car can get chopped and you might never find it’s carcass in game as it stands, I could get over having to replace my tires every few weeks. Just my opinion though.

Hmmm... I think one concern would be cars owned by or under the care of NPCs. I can think of at least two places where cars under the car of NPCs are not locked up. It's possible that this kind of thing would put extra load on the GMs by making them have to do all those things you mentioned to protect these assets.

Things like puppet NPCs to get cars in and out of secure storage or develop systems to automate this. Grump at players for not alerting the GMs before heading in and stealing all the tires or fuel. Getting mean men with big sticks to teach thieves a lesson

I'm not really taking a side here but I thought that this angel should be considered. It could be worth it still but it does kind of remind me of why stealing things off the shelves in stores was disabled.

If you leave a thing out for people to do, especially an automated task, they will do it as early and often as possible. It would be impossible to own a vehicle in the Mix or anywhere really.
I am in favor of anything that makes archetypes have more things to do with their skills in game. But I have to agree, that this would make owning a car in the Mix even less attractive.

So assume less cars in the Mix, which would force people to get out of their pads and take risks by going Topside to do some crimes which I think is great.

Of course, I bet WJF cruisers would have some kind of magic gizmo that prevents them from being tempered but the rest should be fair game, be it NPC cars or PC cars.

If this gets implemented on cars, it should also happen for AEROs, it only seems fair.