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Enhancing the Count Command

I would really love to see the count command enhanced to work with other objects.

What I mean by this is essentially this.

Let's say you are looking at your shelf to see how many perfumes you have placed on it. Instead of looking at the shelf itself, or the room description, you could just type:

Count perfume on shelf

You would then get a readout of all the items, specifically on the shelf, that match the string perfume.


I know it's not really intuitive but treat shelves and tables as containers and use in instead of on.

Count perfume in shelf

While Spark is syntactically correct, and correct about IC shelves/containers (you can count items in things with what is described), it doesn't actually work on tables/shelves at stores, this is because those don't actually 'exist' in the game. They are dynamic.
I've made this possible. The syntax is how you would expect 'count on '