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Emergency Logoff
What do you do when shit hits the fan in OOC

A couple weeks ago I was about to log off when my puppet request came through. I thought sure I can stay up a bit longer, did my puppet was headed back and got mugged. Suddenly my few more minutes became a two hour long adventure and I had work in the morning. This got me thinking, would it be prudent to have an emergency log off function so we can stop if we absolutely need to, including real life emergencies, and resume the scenario out the next time we are able to play.

An Idea

This is an idea for an EMERGENCY function where you absolutely need to get off right now and the 1 hour safe time doesn't cut it. You could enter the command and teleport to an OOC room to return when you log back on. It would need some sort of penalty to avoid abuse. Something like a 12 hour period where the player cannot log back in, and it cannot be used while in combat.

I'm curious what other people think about this, maybe some other methods.

Not to sound douchey or anything but to avoid those types of scenarios I would recommend better time management. It’s a different story if your house is on fire, you’re in the middle of a home invasion, chasing your kidnapped daughter through Paris, etc. with that a quick “HALP IM ON FIRE GOTTA RUN” xhelp will likely get you placed somewhere safe until you can return.

The “unsafe” log out is a very gritty feature that “keeps it real” and I could see an emergency log out abused by people who get caught up in unagreeable rp. That’s not to say your idea has no merit though.

Restless nights are essential part of Sindome, embrace them :P
Yes, I have had situations, both real life emergencies and just RP going on much longer than expected happen. Typically, a quick Xhelp explaining the situation will work things out. No need for an extra function
Hilarious interlude:

I once xhelped to ask my character be removed from the game when my LITERAL HOUSE WAS ON FIRE.

I got yelled at by Kevlar for that.


On to my real point:

While I understand where you are coming from and can relate 100% to the feeling, we as a staff, and as a community as a whole, cannot pause aspects of the game or the RP because one person has an emergency or has to wake up early.

We don't take responsibility for you IRL. That's on you.

Emergency is entirely subjective. What I might consider an emergency you might consider a trifle. It's best the staff stay out of it entirely.

If you think you have a serious issue IRL, throw a quick xhelp up or an ooc message about it and go take care of real life. If the game moves on without you, it moves on without you, it's just a game.

For me, I think this kinda fits into the same place as people that have disconnected through internet troubles.

It's kinda... Ironic? to be yelling at someone for robbing someone blind because their internet crapped out. Yet it being okay to rob and kill them while they person is fighting a fire, or chasing off a burglar.

While I definately agree 'Oh, I'm late for work.' or 'I should have gone to bed an hour ago.' Isn't an emergency... Personally, I would feel pretty shitty to jump someone, only for them to never draw their weapon and fight back. Only to find out an hour later, or the next day their kitchen was on fire, or they were being mugged at the time.

We have a cooldown timer on robbing folks specifically to prevent issues when someone has lost internet connection.

No one is saying if bad shit is happening you can't request a reprieve, we just aren't guaranteeing it. It's case by case, and for good reason. People have abused this in the past and will attempt to abuse it again in the future.

I had a real bomb threat evacuation in 2014 in my office building and Slither @voided me after an emergency xhelp.

He's a good guy.

There was no bomb =/