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Email when pickpocketed while sleeping
I didn't feel someone strip me naked?

You know how buzzing a door sends you an email notification when you're in your apartment? (Limit once per hour I believe.)

What about an option to be emailed when you're being messed with?

- Being pickpocketed or stolen from while asleep

- Grappled while asleep

This would make stealing from someone while asleep more realistic. Also, if anything, immy sleepers might log back in to protect their characters and learn from sleeping in the streets?

Stolen gives you a special event

Grappling when you're sleeping without you knowing is realistic enough, someone carried me out of my bed IRL and I woke up in the bath tub really confused

That would give you OOC counter to IC action. Yep, it sucks to be picked clean when sleeping, but having the person then non-accidentally wake up in the middle of it is just... Nah. It's risky already. Instead, take IC measures to prevent being fondled in sleep.
So maybe a stat check to go along with it.
This is how you get players hooking up their phones to nipple-clamps to shock you awake when certain key phrases pass through your mail filter.
You cant respond to someone stealing your pants when you are asleep, can you?
You cant respond to someone stealing your pants when you are asleep, can you?
But why? You are asleep, and for some characters, this is the only way to be messed with is to wait for them to be asleep.
Okay. Just thinking of ideas to keep new players around. (Maybe it only happens during your first 2 weeks?)
It should be taught IC, honestly
Seems to make sense. Maybe not everything would warrant an email, but some things would wake you up for sure. Someone stripping your clothes or moving you, maybe even frisking you.
Seems to make sense. Maybe not everything would warrant an email, but some things would wake you up for sure. Someone stripping your clothes or moving you, maybe even frisking you.
I don't think it will help an immie, I mean if you are in some apartment and got snuk into it, chances are the person who did it can also murder you. So you would convert a picking-clean lesson into a likely murder. And it takes a lot of risk and effort and UE to actually stalk into people places, usually.
It will happen quite frequently, depending on how you play your character. I have to agree that this is one of those things that should be better dealt with IC and not have any OOC notifications. I didn't even know door buzzers send you an email....

Personally, when I was a new player, the IC event actually GAVE me more RP, so I think it's a good thing for new players to experience.

I love to get emails whenever my brokeass roommate sharks my 'term.
I actually like this idea quite a bit. The idea that you would just slumber through while being dragged across the entire Mix is a little silly. Same with people rifling through your belongings or stripping you naked. Give a chummer a chance to fight back!
Per staff, you're not supposed to be dragging sleeping people all over creation. If someone slings you in an iso cube or robs your shit that's fine but if you see someone treating a sleeping person like an inanimate object you should maybe let them know not to do that.

Anyway this sounds like one of those ideas someone comes up with after getting rolled. It's not that hard to sleep somewhere safe.

JMo while I like this idea in principle and it makes sense, it will heavily punish certain characters and people. And there are many IC was to ensure safe-sleep, or ability to retribute against someone messing with your sleep. But having an OOC alert means that someone who plays a combat character and can sit in front of PC/phone, then even when stalked into a cube/flat/etc, cannot really be messed with by weak/sneaky types.
This is kinda.... Overkill. Not my thing.
What about just a way to email-poke someone if you find their sleeping body?

Throw a sleeper into the pen, give them a poke.

Need someone's attention, give them a poke.

Stole all their stuff and want a reaction on SIC, give them a poke.

They will log in when they log in and you can laugh at them then.
I want an email every time someone does fapfapfap over my sleeping body : )
But I want their attention noooooooow.
Yeah, although it makes sense, it also seems unnecessary. Fapping or no.
I honestly don't think that email notifications would accomplish much. I know that I never even notice them until weeks later and I'm looking through my spam. I also know that if I was ready and willing to jump on and play, I'd already be signed on. I can't imagine being at the zoo or something, getting an email, then hurrying to sign on.

But that's just me and my play style. Maybe others differ?

I want an email everytime a SIC message is sent
It's hard enough to pull shit off without OOC out of game notifications preventing crime in a game about doing crime.
Please cease with the mocking responses. The original poster presented what they felt was a good idea for the game. At this point it feels like people are just trying to dog pile someone with a genuine desire to help.
Sorry, I'm not trying to make fun, I'm just pointing out that this is a recommendation that seems to be coming from a place of wanting to protect your character from harm. That's understandable but unless you're sleeping in the street or you let your cube timer run out, it's preeeeetty hard to rob someone like this. There are a lot of IC tools and methods you can use to prevent it and thieves have to work really hard to find creative ways around them.

Criminals are already operating at a major disadvantage a lot of the time and further disincentivizing crime would probably just mean that stuff happens less often and everyone would have less to do. I think this would be bad.

Please no. Sindome is unhealthily addictive enough for some of the people here. Imagine waking up at 4am to their phone that now rests under their pillow to alert them. Some things just seem oocly unhealthy
Just to point out the obvious:

There's an entire IC career that is sadly way underplayed for addressing and handling these issues (such as things happening in your crib when you are sleeping.)

We have great tools in-game now to deal with a whole lot of proposed problems!