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e-note 7 improvements
Easy suggestion tracking

This is mainly just to try and keep all the potential suggestions that might come up for the new e-note system for ease for the staff, as suggested. I will start.

Can there be password storage/password set for the e-note 7 as it is way way to easy to accidentally enter a password you did not mean to. Such as your phone auto-correcting, a miss type due to dyslexia or just having fat fingers.

Just a suggestion to address this one issue - if you turn the echo on, you can see exactly what you entered for passwords, door codes, etc.

Then if you really want to be sure, save your buffer log and you'll have a record of the entry without the chance of error in copying it by hand.

@Blackbird Echo in my experience only echo's poses in the browser client.

Anyway, it would be good if when attempting to save a file it tells you have big that file is, so you can clear the appropriate amount of storage if it is to big. The e-note 5 used to do this.

No, that's the pose echo - something entirely different. I'm talking about the blue "Echo" button in the upper right corner of the browser client. If you turn this on, it will show everything you enter into the command line.