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Duro-Knucks (Implants)

As someone who plays a Brawler, I've noticed there aren't too many weapons that fall under Brawling. (Which makes sense.) Only one that I've seen that is compatible are brass knuckles.

My idea was implementing chrome implants Duro-Knucks that replace your own knuckles into an even more sturdy material.

Of course, since this has to do with physical damage, it'd probably full under Martial Arts, too.

I've been playing a Martial Arts based character for 6 months now and although it works quite well when you use it against fighters with other weapon styles i do get jealous of the shinny gear they get to have, Nailz, katanas, Shotguns, huge caliber snipers, pistols that resemble hand cannons. etc etc.

As far as i have tested all those months is that i can fight them in equal terms with my Martial Arts but it's kinda crappy when the enemy unsheathes a Katana or an awesome looking gun or nailz and you just get out your staff or your brass knuckles ::P

A martial Artist/Brawler that blocks a blade with his hands in combat will get cut. Maybe the implant could serve a double purpose. A)be a cool weapon we could use and enjoy ourselves B)Actually make Martial Artists and Brawlers block blades without getting cut. (metal fists or whatever)

PS: Sorry for the double post but i don't see anyway to edit my previous one.

When i say that "if someone blocks a blade with a hand he will get cut" it can be read as "he can't block at all". Allow me to clarify.

From my experience ICly, you DO block it but you get cut a very tiny little bit.

I like the idea of it, but perhaps trying to get it implemented ICly would be a better way to go about getting it actually installed in-game. What I mean by this is, befriend a cyber-doc or someone within the -right- corporation and pitch the idea to them and have them RP the R'n'D of said implant. I think going about it that way, while generating RP for a few characters, will also open other doors. It will be more convincing to the admin to want to implement it, given the effort the PCs are putting into it, and it will get the juices flowing for CyberDocs to persue potential other new implants to develope.
I've seen this elsewhere and I agree, it would be pretty neat to have IG.
What's and IG?
So, I'm not going to share because I wouldn't want to ruin any potential development from an IC standpoint with OOC hints, but I can think of a way this could potentially be done IRL.

And it makes my skin crawl thinking about what it would feel like.

IG most likely stands for In Game as they were using it.

I like this idea. Also, just like MA, brawling will eventually have other styles I believe. That's the goal anyway.

If i can help in anyway (playtesting or w/e) about those Implants let me know please. I'll be more than happy to. I am sick of using a MA weapon that has no real life connection to the MA style i use for my character.
I like the idea and I think there should be a few weapon choices for all styles.

The only inherent problem I can see with that is:

Brawling and Martial art styles have nature weapons that *are* quite powerful already. I think they'll always be underpowered and for good reason. No other style, besides short blade with nailz, has a weapon that can't be disarmed and no other style at all has a weapon that you spawn with. These are two massive pro's which already come into account.

So. If a htoh style is chosen as your base skill I think it will always be lacking the shineys other skills have.

As far as my game experience goes:

1)I've found MA (so i assume brawling is the same too) to be on par with other weapons. Maybe this changes when the MA/brawl using character gets more UE but I don't know that. That's for admins only.

2)I dislike the fact that the weapon Ma/brawlers need to use are one for each style and especially the MA weapon is not representative for most of MAs out there.

3)It's true what Pocketface said that those two combat styles have the above advantages

Considering the above is why i don't ask for an Implant that does more damage or hit faster (unless admin know something i don't and MA/brawl actually does need a boost compared to other end-game weapons)

I just ask for something that looks (yes..just looks) better than a stick and maybe protect the users hand from cuts and bleeds when blocking blades. No sane martial artist would block a blade with his naked hands anyway, Instead he would just try to parry the hand that holds it.

Heck i'd even be happy with just a metal cool looking hand protector that does absolutely nothing else than protect the blocking hands while keeping the damage done by my skill the same as it would be if i was unarmed.

What PocketFace is referring to about spawning with your weapon, is HtoH skill, your fists -are- the weapon. If you are a blade user you don't spawn with a blade, if you are a gun user you dont spawn with a gun. But if you use MA, you -do- spawn with your fists. Other MA and brawling weapons that are actual items, you have to find and acquire ICly, just like you would a blade or gun.
What happened to this idea? Did we ever implement this cyberware? Because I really like the proposal. +1.
Synthknux have existed in game since 2014.
And Synthknux benefit martial artists as well? They don't simply serve as built in brass knuckle which only benefit brawlers?
More MA weapons would be cool too, I mean, where are the nunchucks? Or maybe Arm guards as a cheaper alternative to the proposed Chrome?