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Drug withdrawal symptoms.
Requesting a small change.

Let me tell you a story. A story about drugs.

A few days ago, you did some drugs at a party! You aren't really sure what you took, but man, you know you could really go for some drugs right now. Especially because your lack of having drugs is making your knees weak, palms sweaty, arms heavy, mom's spaghetti, all the usual symptoms.

As you're sitting at the bar, nearly jumping out of your skin at every provocation, you feel RNG stir in your chest. You assume you're just about to start hallucinating again, but no. You eye the bartender hungrily. You reach into your pockets, and pull 7.50 in dimes out, throwing it at the bartender, as you shriek, spitting, "GIVE ME MY DRUGS!"

This is a symptom of drug withdrawal in-game. It... doesn't seem to make much sense to me. I, personally, don't have any experience with withdrawal from hard drugs, but I can't recall hearing about anyone not currently under the influence of drugs pulling random people out of the crowds and demanding more drugs. So, requesting that this particular symptom be changed, or removed.

If this should've gone in the complaints forum, eh. Sue me.

If the argument for removing this withdraw symptom is solely because users of modern hard drugs do not have similar reactions, I do not think that is strong enough to make a change. Drugs in SD are different and seem to be much stronger. Also, this is another RP opportunity, roll with it.
It did generate some RP, so maybe it's a good thing. It was just that, looking back on it, it seemed a little preposterous, in that I couldn't picture it happening in real life.
I'm just going to leave this here:
I can't recall hearing about anyone not currently under the influence of drugs pulling random people out of the crowds and demanding more drugs

When an addict is under the influence, that's when they're "well".

It's when they come down and start craving the next hit that's when they start doing the desperate drug-addicty things addicts are so famous for.

You hear way way more about people doing crazy things because they WANT to get high, compared to people who do crazy things because they ARE high.

At least, you should. And you do, if you know any addicts. If you don't, and all you know is what you see on the news, then yeah, you would think that being high is what makes people behave antisocially.

I'm with Linekin on this. It is the withdrawl, not the being on the drugs that truly bring up such wild instances.

Each person is different but though you may think you haven't done anything odd when coming down, doesn't mean that you didn't and just don't remember it. Also, you may be healthier in many respects than others who take drugs (more B vitamins in your system for example).

And hey! Maybe your character knows of a bartender who does distribute and because the character's awareness isn't all there, confused one bartender with the other (this is just an example). Some people have similar body characteristics which just get blended in the mind, or sometimes the person going through the withdrawl not only sees people who are not there but also will superimpose people that are in their head over and onto the people they see on the streets.

Hell, the person you "see" could even have similar characteristics to another person who was there taking the same shit that you were taking at the time and didn't even sell you the stuff.

So sit back and laugh at the weird shit your character does all because he or she wanted to escape and feel wonderful fakey goodness for just a few hours. :)


The image of someone raining 75 dimes over a bartender screaming 'MY DRUGS MY DRUGS' made me choke on my coffee and it is now on my shirt at work. I am a hobo. No one understands why I am laughing.

Damn you,


I'll I'm going to say on this is if that's the worst you've had happen to you, you should consider yourself fortunate.

I have a term for when something you previously did has unforeseen consequences which force you down a path you would never choose for yourself: I call it getting Role-Played.

As in: You just got Role-Played!

Yeah, it definitely does NOT take drugs or any other coded effect for that to happen to you.

Good call, @ShinMojo