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Document Shredder & Forensics
Are you really ripping that paper a thousand times?

What if trashing a paper leaves paper remains that last for a while and decay over time? Someone with ace forensics can study it and piece it back together.

This came to mind when my character trashed a document. I figured that it should be relatively easy for someone to piece it back together, even if my character tore it up 9 times.

Add in a document shredder that can render documents unrecoverable.

That's all.

While I love this idea, imagining the number of "shredded pile of paper" items that would be around makes my head explode.
Cool idea. Maybe you would *have* to put it in some sort of disposal device to actually get rid of it, rather than degrading over time?

Means you'd have to buy it, or take your sensitive documents out on the street to get them to one... Of course HolyChrome's concern is a very valid one on the other hand, and what I'm suggesting would only make that even more concerning :/

I think we need to create more compelling reasons for people to use paper mediums before implementing something like this.
"create more compelling reasons for people to use paper mediums"

When are we getting remote-hacking of electronic note-taking devices?

Sounds a lot like bloooooooaaaaaaaaaattttttt
Remembering a time I had to destroy over 200 newspapers because someone could not control themselves and imagining what would happen if you scanned in that room.