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Disguised aliases
Love you, Cat Mother.

I propose that your character's name not work as an alias to target you with when you're disguised, and you're instead given the option to set an 'alias' when you disguise yourself.

Like so:

You bunch up the matte black poncho, and fit your head into its hood, before relaxing your grip, letting its fabric drape down over your body, adjusting its fit with a slight tug here and there.

[Please enter an optional alias for you to be referred to. One line of input, @abort to abort.]


Okay, you are now targetable by your shortdesc keywords (a shrouded squat mano) or the alias 'Catmother'.

If your disguise breaks/is removed, you don't have the alias anymore and you're targetable as normal.

Sounds good to me. Tangentially(?) related: Thermographic vision aliases should function as aliases that you can target, or otherwise provide means for doing so.

You shouldn't require OOC knowledge about who a person you're seeing with Thermographic Vision is to be able to interact with them via a command. For instance, an unknown intruder in your home or otherwise private place. Perhaps a workaround would be necessary to get around so many people having the same build.

In much the same way that you shouldn't be able to target people with their name when they're disguised you shouldn't need to know somebodies name to target them under thermographic vision.

Apologies if this is not on-topic, I felt that the subject was very closely related to the idea and I'm sure that there is some coding overlap.

So, we've made strides over the years to protect the identity of disguised folks. However, the MOO wasn't really built to deal with disguise at the most basic levels, and in the most deeply rooted verbs.

I will say this though, despite Sindome being a PvP game, we expect everyone playing to hold themselves up the highest standard and not abuse the grey areas that might reveal IC info OOCly.

Obviously this would be considered meta gaming at best and cheating at worst. So just avoid those verbs and things that might reveal someones identity. Also, avoid using names and such in poses when someone is disguised because you might typo and reveal a persons identity to others in the room that don't know who the person is.

One of my favorite things is when people metagame based on information they ARE WRONG about.

Just stop metagaming and this won't happen to YOU.

With that said (and Linekin's remark about metagame with wrong info is both worrying and hilarious to see), I've never after all this time have had a clear guideline as to when to make a logical leap and ICly, appropiately guess the identity of a disguised person.

Basically: When is enough information enough? Voice, fingernails, usual clothes (when not using shrouds), @look_place, mannerisms?

So, @voice is a good giveaway. If you recognize someone's voice, that's IC. I would however streer away from @Look_place unless it's obviously they left that on purpose. Like if it's obviously an out dated look_place, that's meta info. Hopefully @temp_place will mitigate that a bit.

Mannerisms that you notice ICly, IE: if my character always picks at zits on his face and he continues to do that when shrouded, you might get some inclinations.

However, when in doubt, best to go with NOT knowing.

How about when you're 'watch'ing a disguised person, they leave the room and their disguise slips or is removed? I remember seeing them no longer show in 'watching' as "a masked douche" but instead "Johnny".
Is there no end to the meta people find to discover who is who?
Alright! These changes are great, thanks staff!
Unless they're standing in front of you, you shouldn't see them stay in your 'watching list' when their disguise breaks anymore.
Rock on, Johnny! Thank you!
Abusing glance, whisper, steal or wrest to identify someone in disguise should no longer be possible.
Are we at a point where if we recognize what someone's wearing, or an @naked, or their voice we can act on that without it being meta? I think it's even better if we're wrong, leading to more RP.

To my knowledge, now the only current way to metagame disguises is to ignore ambient pop or reference unchanged @lps.

That brings me to another question, if you want to impersonate someone is it fair game to copy their @lp?

@look_place reflects their current activity such as leaning against a wall, or something. In that sense, no feel free to make yourself mimic someone, but if someone is using @look _place in a meta fashion like "Seven is a super badass" as a @look_place then it's also meta to copy their meta behavior.

Also, small worlding color and type of disguise is bad sportsmanship, respect the world and it's ambient population, please. Being wrong does make good RP but killing everyone in a gold poncho is going to get noticed and will have consequences. Also makes your character look a bit dumb, but I guess that's fine if that is what you're shooting for.

I'm a little confused regarding your comments regarding @look_place Cerberus. I certainly see the two different ways one can use @look_place but I get the impression that what you call "using @look_place in a meta fashion" is frowned upon or something we should not be doing? Am I reading that right?
Considering a huge percentage of NPCs have non physical @lps, and NPCs are supposed to be treated like PCs, no I don't think it is disallowed.
I just said it was.
Report meta look_places on NPCs on xhelp so they can be changed. Not going to let people keep trying to use new metas to usurp disguises or use disguises to be effective with mind games that aren't physical possibly.