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Disguise items consumability
consistency across items

With the addition of an armor crafting bench, and the existence of another type of bench within the game, I would like to see disguise items across the board become a consumable.

Rather than unlimited uses of a shroud or a poncho, these items now degrade with use, and require repair from the armor crafting bench; or the other bench, if it's the other types of disguise items.

Speaking of the other type of bench. Seeing as how the armor crafting bench is a purchasable and install-able item, I would like to also see the other bench become player purchasable and install-able in a similar vein.

Obviously cheap consumable items such as makeup wouldn't need to be refillable, but the wearables specifically is what I am talking about.

Shrouds are rare enough already and are supposed to be ubiquitous. Nah.
If ponchos became a bit more frequent, yes. But in its current state, this idea is going to wipe them out of the radar.