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Disguise change
Be unable to see your own disguise dropping

My idea is that if you're wearing a disguise, you should still only see your normal display name and description (look self, emotes, etc) instead of knowing when your disguise is compromised with these methods . You should need an outside observer to verify its integrity.
I don't like how disguises work either and personally not using them, but I don't think that's a good way to fix it.

In reality if someone understands who you are you have subtle indicators that they do so. Not so much in Sindome unless they pose it, and chances are they won't. Which would create problems for your character that you don't have the chance to avoid. I'm on the phone so I can't really explain it that well, but someone would need to be a really, really good actor to hide their reactions if they suddenly realise that the hooded guy they're talking to and having a drink is their enemy for example.

I feel there's enough meta going around, especially with the disguises that feeding the fire would be a bad move.

If you don't know whether your own disguise is down, you'll be unable to properly assess whether someone messing with you is being meta or not; you'll be unable to properly note whether you were disguised or not when performing an action that NPCs saw, etc.
Being able to discern your disguise status is a game skill, just like combat and other things that require that you know the game mechanics in order to exploit them for your best advantage. Adding this will add even more meta to an abused system by virtue of meta and will make the disguise skill useless to an extent because part of the skill is being able to stop and say "hey, I am not disguising myself properly" as much as being able to actually do it.

Perhaps, you should post your reasoning and why do you think this would be a good idea along with the suggestion in itself so you can start a constructive discussion. So far am not convinced.

I'd get rid of the skill entirely, honestly, or make it apply to what Ephemeralis said.
It depends on the idem in my opinion. Hoodies and ponchos pretty much involve one thing, "Is my hoops in a good position?" Most people can tell this. It's largely the same with masks. It it on my face and covering it?

I know that when I play a character with no disguise skill the above is about as far as I will go. Put on item. check sometimes to see if it's adjusted properly. I largely go no further. I don't change my nakeds, voice, pose or emote differently or anything like that. In my opinion, those things are for those who have higher disguise skill. And I can say with certainty that my disguises on such characters have slipped at very inopportune times.

At the same time I am fully behind more advanced disguises and have even proposed an advanced disguise kit that works largely like tailored items. I think that even one item that has the potential to affect you name, description, and @nakeds depending on your disguise skill would make the disguise skill into something awesome. And I think that telling if THAT kind of disguise is in good shape would be pretty hard without a mirror.