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Disguise and makeup kits
Making makeup kits work with Disguise skill

Well, an idea occurred to me, makeups disguise your imperfections or appearance in real life so it should fall under Disguise ability as well so one can choose between Artistry or Disguise.

After all, one can use makeups to disguise themselves as a different sex and the like via eyeliners, lipsticks, and the like, so it'd be viable for people who use the appear command to present themselves as an opposite sex.

Just spitballing here, really, but I think it'd make more sense than Artistry.

I'm pretty sure it does already disguise you. But it shouldn't have to do with disguise skill as a person who is good at acting and looking like a different person, doesn't necessarily know how to do good masking makeup.
Maybe I misunderstand the idea here... I thought the idea was to make it so applying makeup would use the best of either skill. Artistry or Disguise. Maybe Beepboop can clarify?
Disguise is more or less an illusion. But you obviously need to be artistic to apply good makeup. Take the TV show Face Off as a good example here. Maybe a bit exaggerated, but still. They look completely different. ;P

And sure, I may have misunderstood it too.

Yep, Grey0's right, that's the general idea.
Ah, I see. Well, I still think artistry should be prioritized when applying a 'makeup disguise'. It makes more sense, even if you may have to ask someone to put it on for you.
It's two different things.

From an OOC, non-mechanics point of view:

Applying makeup, you have to be able to color inside the lines.

Disguising yourself with makeup, you have to be able to appear different.

Combining the two together, you can appear normal-but-not-yourself as opposed to just covering yourself up with a solid coat of dazzle warpaint.

For simple makeup, sure, you don't need much ability. But for things complex enough to make you look like a different person, or to use contours to make your face look different shaped, you need skill.
I think the problem is wanting two skills to do the same thing, that is incompatible with the skills system. Now two skills that interact with a tool in two different ways, now that's more like it (no need for a complete system overhaul).

What I would propose is that, people with artistry when using make-up just give you specific make-up: Eyes, lips, etc. This does not disguise you.

However, if you use the disguise skill with the make-up, you get a general (and none traditional) make-up that effectively disguises your appearance.

(You just add two different commands to the tool, for two different functions)

Without going deep into mechanics, the way these two skills interact presently with makeup more or less has this effect. Makeup is extraordinarily easy to use. Producing a good disguise is not.
It is perfectly possible for multiple skills to do the same thing. There already are some commands that will use the best of of a specified set of skills. I can't go into detail but staff has explained this to me before. So I don't really see this as a reason not to do this. There may be other very good reasons but this isn't one of them. :)

I disagree Grey0, this is a good reason for it. And even if you think "staff told you stuff", that's not the case with how most of the systems works.

What you are saying just sound like you want to squeeze even more juice out of artistry. :)

Honestly artistry is already OP, and I feel it deserves a nerf and this might be a good way to start about it.

Installing furniture for example, will use the best 1 of 5 tech skills.
None of that makes sense to me Ghost. Applying makeup is already artistry and once applied it contributes to your disguise. The request here is to allow one to apply makeup with a successful artistry OR Disguise check. This would LOWER Artistry's reach.

Additionally, I never said I wanted this to change or not. I don't really care either way. I was simply saying that it is incorrect to say that every command is tied to one skill. It's okay if you don't believe me though.

What Johnny just said is the exact example I was thinking of. :P

@Grey0 Yeah, artistry doesn't need more reach. If anything it need less IMO, like I mentioned previously. Its already pretty bad that most artsy types RP as if they can do all types of arts.

And I am not saying you are wrong or that I don't believe you, I am saying that even if you are right I think the majority of skills does not work this way. So you example is more an exception to the rule than the common standard.

I acknowledge the request for this to work with either skill, but as a counter-argument I am saying each skill should do a different thing instead of both skills doing the same thing because it would be more balanced and also would nerf Artistry which I think would be a good thing.

I can totally respect that Ghost. Thanks for the calm and reasoned discussion! :)
I think Artistry and Disguise both deal with makeup but in different ways. I like the division.
I think Artistry and Disguise both deal with makeup but in different ways. I like the division.