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Directional Driving Prompt Integration
You cruise east carefully navigating the streets

Driving is already very fun. I'm thinking it could be even more fun if we got a message similar to what you get when walking:

Drive cricket to east

You carefully drive east, checking your surroundings (or whatever the current message is).

If this is an easy add for driving, it would be really nice. I'm sure I can start getting used to navigating without the prompt, but I do often find myself confused about where I end up, especially if I had to stop or something irregular mid-route; because I'm not able to see the room moves played out in the way that walking is.

If it's a hard add I can buck up anyhow, just thought it would be a cool feature since we're seeing the "you're driving" message anyhow. I couldn't find anything about this on the boards with a search so I thought I'd bring it up.